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Purple Smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by NYC Smoker, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Does purple haze produce purple smoke? i saw a girl's picture & she had purple smoke on Instagram. It didn't look edited at all... what strain does it?
  2. pics or it didnt happen
  3. Is called photoshop. Get creative.
  4. lol Ive smoked grandaddy purp, purple kush, and purple urkle, and none of the smoke was ever purple.Even some of the times Ive got "purple" kush or grandaddy "purple" it was only slightly purple like a purple tint, I mean yeah most of the time theyre pretty purple.But sometimes if its a purp strain its just a purplish tint that gets darker when you break it up.
  5. photoshop? lol.
  6. No OP.

  7. Yep, it's edited. The only thing that remotely produces purple smoke are iodine crystals when they are burned (but its not really 'smoke,' its more like a vapor), and even that is more of a magenta colour.

    Although feasible, this is highly improbable due to iodine vapor being highly poisonous and reactive. But that's just under the assumption that the poster-in-mention doesn't wish to jeopardize their life for an interesting post.

  8. They used editing software..Thats what photoshop is.When I was in school we had a "graphic design" class and we used photoshop everyday. Theres a tool that can make someone look transparent like a ghost, so I assume you can use it on smoke too.All they have to do is make it transparent so it doesn't look obviously colored or to thick, and then make the tint a purplish color, or blue or pink or whatever tint you choose.
  9. If you get real "purp" you can usually taste it more than you can see it.
  10. yeah man i know what photoshop is, its just that this girl is on the slow side. didn't think she could fool me like that :( lol
  11. Wow she convinced you it wasnt edited?

    Shes a real idiot.

    Why lie when everyones gonna know your lying?

  12. Does smoking green weed produce green smoke?


    So why would purple bud make purple smoke?

    /deductive reasoning
  13. Color the weed purple with a purple marker before you smoke it maybe.....(;
  14. this gived me few laughs after my bowl thanks!
  15. Smoke is gray.
  16. im the idiot for believing it :(
  17. That's the most rediculous thing I've ever heard
  18. In what way does that not look edited? hahaha
  19. Hahaha what the fuck man. That's totally edited.

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