Purple Skunk & Kush Grow OP-2

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  1. So i just finished my first Harvest and it didnt come out to what i had expecteed for a few reasons. so for my next harvest i decided to step my game up,
    I bought a growlab 80 and a hydoponic tray and resvoir so this grow should come out nice.

    I have 2 purple skunks clones, and 2 kush clones, not sure what strain

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    ok so first i have one t-5 florescent light, cycle=20/4, im going to pick up another one of these fixtures in about a month when the plants start growing more.

    THe plants are in a 2'x2' plant tray that sits on top of a 20 gallon reservoir
    The reservoir contains CNS 17 budding formula, i ran out of veg formula, but im also using another formula with high nitrogen so i could recover my two purple skunk (the two shorter plants).

    thats about it for now, any questions just ask. In the beginning its boring but later on its gets fun, wheni put shit in the water to make bulkier dense budz and when i use other shit to make the budz taste sweater.
  3. So Now its been almost two weeks since i got these clones. I got the clones pretty cheap because they were in bad condition. Every leaf was yellow, or either curling up. The rockwool cubes were dried and plants had a nitrogen deficiency. Two of the clones were in the same rockwool cube, knowing that that could cause problems later on in my grow I decided to seperate them; accidently cutting some roots and killing part of the colas.

    But now theyre lookin great, grew two inches maybe more, but i cant wait till tuesday, a full two weeks.

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  4. So its been Two weeks now since ive gotten theses clones in shitty conditions. and they look very good im content with the growth . In two weeks ima switch them to 12/12 system . MAKE THAT GWAP.

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  5. thanks man, how bout a rep?
  6. This is the system.

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  7. thanks, bty, where can i get a pic of that weedosauraus, im diggin it hella hard bruh.
  8. So heres a quick update.

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  9. I have to get a new light quick, fuck there growing nicely and fast.
    Wat chu think????

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  10. Sorry for not keeping this up to date, but heres the babies

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