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  1. Hi All!
    Just want to say a huge thanks to anyone who gave me help in my last grow. Particularly Prepper420 for lots of great advice.

    Day 1

    Starting a new grow today. Im growing two Purple Punch Autos from Barneys Farm. I've never used Barneys Farm seeds or grown an auto before & I can only find 1/2 finished grow journals online growing this strain. She's supposed to finish in about 60 days. I'm using seeds in a cup then transplant to paper towels to germinate.
    After talking to Biobizz support I'm using Biobizz Light Mix for the entire grow & using the All Mix nutrient schedule.
    They'll both be in 11ltr pots
    Im using a 100w Migro led & a 200w Red cfl. (I'm thinking of getting a 250w HPS)
    Biobizz Root Juice, Fish Mix, Bloom, Top Max & Plagron Alga Bloom.

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  2. Very cool! I ordered the exact same strain from the exact same breeder.....I'm waiting for them to reach me via mail....they said should be here between 8/20 - 8/27....can't wait!
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  3. Good luck!! I'll watch your grow if you're doing a diary.
    Whats your setup?
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  4. Very cool! Yeah for sure I'll take the journey with ya!!

    I cant wait to get em and get a couple "in the ground"

    I currently have a grow journal now going of a White Widoe Auto from ilovegrowingmarijuana.com if you wanna check that out...the link is on my profile page.

    My grow set up is 2.. 207 actual watt Mars Hydro LED Lights in basically a 4x4 closet.
  5. Day 5

    So they broke soil on the 16th. The lights have just come on & as this is my first auto grow Im not sure how she looks. I gave her a spray when she woke & I've fed her 2 liters of water in 5 days with 1ml of Root Juice per liter.
  6. She looks good to me....what is that "stuff" on the leaves....it looks whiteish from the pic....is it camera reflection?? Water?

    I have 2 of these same seeds of mine in the ground...waiting for them to pop.....should be sometime this evening I would think.
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  7. Thanks for taking the time to reply!
    I sprayed them with water when she woke, so its the reflection of
    my light.
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  8. Day 8
    I have been feeding her Root Juice the last few days. I gave her 0.5ml of Fish Mix today.
    Anyone know if the brown at the center natural?

  9. It's a Purple Punch..........so be prepared for purple tinges...or straight on purple..... during your grow
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  10. Day 10
    I fed her 1ml of Fish Mix with a liter of water. I think she looks ok?

    IMG_20190826_093230.jpg IMG_20190826_093307.jpg
  11. Day 11 & 12
    I thought I'd post yesterday & today's update. I've upped her nutes today to 2 liters of water & 2ml of Fish Mix. Im feeding her every 2/3 days. She looks like shes going to be short & bushy.

    Day 11.jpg Day 12.jpg
  12. From my experience with growing autoflowers indoors with a decent light is if you leave your lights on a 20/4 or 24 light schedule the plants come out short and stubby. Very short node spacing. I put mine at 18/6 like a photo period and tried to get them to stretch a bit. Also left them a little higher then I normally would.
    My current grow I did a lot of LST training and the plant is about 8 inches high with about 10+ shoots. I was on 24 hour schedule I switched to 18/6 and I started to get some space between bud sites. Which made my life easier.
    I’m still fairly new to autoflowers so it is possible it’s just how the strain I’m growing reacts.

    I just had 3 of these seeds delivered today, I may leave them to grow outdoors next year. I’m in for the ride curious how they turn out.
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  13. I have her under a 100w Migro LED & I'll add a 200w red cfl when she starts to flower. She's on an 18/6 time schedule.
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  14. Looks good......be mindful of heat or light stress.....looks like some of your leaves are trying to tell ya they are "hurtin"........just my .02

    Yours is the lime green too........thats EXACTLY how my 2 are!:thumbsup:
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  15. Yeah I noticed the "taco" leaves starting yesterday so I raised the light a little bit.
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  16. Day 14
    I fed her 2 liters of water with 2ml of Fish Mix today.

  17. Day 15
    Transplanted her today into a 19l smart pot. I thought I had more soil than I did. Keeping my fingers crossed she doesnt have any problems.
  18. Day 20
    After transplanting her, I found more soil in a bag I forgot I had & transplanted her again & messed it up & she reacted badly & I thought she was a gonner. No shit Sherlock you say! That was 5 days ago. I havent fed her water/nutes in 5 days & I wont until tomorrow when I'll start her flowering nutes.
    I topped her today & did a little defoliation.
    IMG_20190905_101118.jpg IMG_20190905_101110.jpg
  19. Day 21
    I set up my tent & added a 200w red cfl. I retie her down pretty much everyday. I gave her 2ml of Fish Mix & Plagron Alga Bloom yesterday instead of today & she is loving it already. I have to go to my grow shop & get her Bio Bizz Bloom, Top Max & I might get a bottle of Nirvana. I've never used it before.
    IMG_20190906_203257.jpg IMG_20190906_212809.jpg IMG_20190906_212835.jpg
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  20. Day 24
    I tied her down again today & Im feeding her 2ml of Fish Mix & Plagron Alga Bloom. I dont have the money for Biobizz Bloom & Top Max until Thursday.

    IMG_20190909_174849.jpg IMG_20190909_174840.jpg IMG_20190909_174752.jpg
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