Purple Power Plant

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Stash_Bastard, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. Disappearing soon in a puff of smoke!

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  2. how did you manage that?
  3. Hey Guys,
    Name:The breeders did all the work on this one.I just ordered the strain from seeds direct and grew it out.

    Unoit:Thanks bro,I do love the purple!Yeah I have a few more clones going from it so it will go at least one more round but I dont think I will keep it in the long run.Too many strains,so little time! Take care,STASH
  4. .... wow, i wish i could have bud like that. my dad won't let me order seeds online so i'm just growin bagseeds.
  5. yur dad lets you smoke!?!?!?

    well first off when i saw taht purp i creamed uncontrollably and second like i said above yur dad lets you smoke!?!?!?
    wow tight dad mined shit a brick if he knew i smoked.
  6. i would tell you about the people who let me smoke, and smokes up with me, but because of the fact that you could be a popo, i'm gonna stop saying shit around here anymore. I've really been thinking about it, and i don't want on probation again (or anything worse).

    i love my dad and his side of the family ;)

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