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  1. Yo one plant that is in about a month into flowering has a lot of purple pistils...I just find this strange cause the other 8 plants that are in my closet have white pistils...Im pretty sure the strain was a bag seed but im not sure. Does this usually mean the bud will be purple?
  2. I had a few buds put out purple coloring in the beginning of flowering, and they kinda toned down to a pinkish orange coloring now as the pistils die back, and the buds get older, and covered with thc crystals. The purple coloring Looks really nice though, and makes for some nice bag appeal:) . Some buds can be fully purple, but that's rare. Got any pics?

    bag seeds are like a box of chocolates you never really know what your gonna get

    these are from free duban poison x skunk #1 seeds I got from gypsy nirvana with my last order.:hello: GOTTA LOVE FREE SEEDS!! 23 day into flowering
  3. thats funny that u said that cause i looked today and the hairs turned more of an orangish color...if i had a digital camera i would of taken a picture for u lol lol
  4. Hair color is all strain dependent. Obviously you have a strain that has purple hairs. No nead to get worried. Nice buds MisterPostman.
  5. Are you sure they are strain dependent? I got a plant growing outdoors and its cold outside so I was thinking that the purple pistils on my plant were from that. Also, I grew the first generation of this plant indoors and their were no purple pistils. However, I ended up with seeds because of "nanners" and the plants self pollinating, AND this is the result of those seeds.

    I attached some pictures but they are of low quality because 1. its nighttime and my plant (just one) is in a low key spot and I'm afraid that I would arouse suspicion were I to go in the daytime 2. I don't have a digital camera and even if I did I wouldn't know how to use the macro function :p

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