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Purple or Kush?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Craving, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. If you could choose what to smoke and you were given the choice if choosing purple or kush, which would you choose?

    Asking this because since the two seem to be primarily (from my understanding) indica, which one would you rather have?

    I myself would probably choose any purp for the fact I like the taste.

    (Does purple kush even count in this question???!?!)
  2. I was going to say... Just give me super purple kush plz.
  3. Just because its purple doesn't mean its good. That being said I would take the kush because the purple doesn't mean anything besides that its purple
  4. could be purple mersh, color doesnt mean anything. so ill take the kush
  5. Kush

    Purple can be down to shitty growers rather than genetics bro
  6. Heh, maybe if you guys came down to the Bay Area and tried some of our finest purple you might end up liking it a lot
  7. Whichever looks dank'er in person, if that makes any sense to you lol
  8. the one with more crystals

    but off just name, id pick kush, unless its purple kush or urkle or grape ape
  9. Not hating, but I feel like the people in this thread are the kind of people who ask their small time dealer for specific strains at north of 20$ for a gram.

    who cares about the name?
    It's all in the grow my boy.
    not in the name
  10. So all kush is indica?

  11. It's known for the stone, not the high.

    Body not head, stoned not high, ya dig.

  12. I don't dig at all :confused:
  13. Even if the kush might be a tad bit better, I think I'd choose the purp. I just love it although almost all purp is alike in a lot of ways, it's the reason the way it is the reason why I like it.

  14. Within my group of friends (and in general I should hope o_O) we use stoned as the term for a body high (indica) and high as the term for a head high (sativa)

  15. I never heard of purple. So I'll just go with purple kush. Not bug fan of
    Kush though
  16. #17 jedistheman, Aug 10, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Your from
    Colorado aren't you?
  17. kush is where its at. I have gotten purp that isnt even that good. its almost a myth that purple weed is so much more bangin than normal bud or kush

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