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purple nugs for the blades

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by thresh, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. i don't have a preference but when this stuff comes along i usually get as much as i can till its gone :D

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  2. damn that shit looks dank
    ive never seen weed that purple:smoking:
  3. That is some crazy ass looking bud :smoking:
  4. care to share?:wave:
  5. um, FIRE. nice grab man.
  6. GOD DAMN! i want to smoke some of that purple. the stuff around here only has a few purp leafs
  7. Looks awesome....was it purple urkel or purple lavendar?
  8. thanks, im lookin thru your thread now 419 :D
  9. i dont care about the name much although itd be nice to know:confused_2:, im sure my guy would just make something up anyways and id come on here talkin bout yuh! gdp! :laughing:yo yo yo lol
  10. Looks primo man, enjoy! :smoking:
  11. thanks heh, bet ur havin fun too man:p
  12. Looks good to me. :D Smoke that shit!!

    Check out page 1 of the link in my sig. I have had some pretty good purp in my time. :cool:

  13. thanks man happy tokin!
  14. looks like the purple urkel i had a few monthes back, i have pics on of it on one of my threads somewhere, good pick up dood :smoking:
  15. It's *sniff*...beautiful.
  16. holy fuck dude +rep ive never had nugs look THAT purple before im jealous.:smoke:
  17. Verrry purple nugs... yum:yummy:
  18. bump! check the purps out :)
  19. strains i've seen that are that purple would be purple diesel and grand daughter purple so maybe one of those.

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