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  1. Hey the title says it all. I got some plants. about half of them have purple leafs, near the top. Towards the bottom not as much. The other plants are normal, nice and green. Here is some pix of the leafs clipped off a plant simply as example. and other picture is of small flower that has an example. Is this just that purple from the coldness? It has been getting down to around 47 was the lowest but 50 was about average lately.
    Any suggestions or comments about this? cuz besides this everything else is fine

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  2. Looks nice! Some will purple with the cooler weather other are just purple!!!
  3. id say its the cold up here in canada mine almost always purple up be4 harvest
  4. I would say if the rest the plants are not purple really then it is just in its genes to turn purple easier (though all plants can be turned purple)
  5. hmm i guess u guys are right. it looks kind of cool but at the same time i was worried that it is harmful. thx!!

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