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Purple Leaf Edges and Tips?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by m3kgt, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Ok my girls are showing purplish spots on the edges and tips of the upper newer leaves. They are 15 weeks old from germination and have been flowering for 4 weeks.

    Strain: Unknown Sativa Dominant
    PH: Runoff 6.6-6.9
    Temps Photoperiod: 72-82
    Temps Night: 62-78
    (Temp taken at the canopy)

    I’ve been using Fox Farm Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom trio. I just started new nute enhancer trio from Humbolt County; Bushmaster, Gravity, and Purple Maxx. I just fed with the Bustmaster that is suppose to slow vertical growth and make more compact bud sites. I foliar sprayed with biobizz sea kelp two days before the bushmaster feed and two days after. I still havent used Gravity or Purple Maxx, which is suppose to turn the plants purple. I’m trying to get the temps under control as I have an automatic heater that doesn’t kick back on at the right temp so it drops too low then over shoots the set temp when it comes back on. So it could be from the fluctuating temps, maybe a Phosphorus (P) def., or even the Bushmaster(unlikely). I'll get some close up pics tomorrow.
  2. Yeah, close up pics help. However it sounds to me like your cold temps could be the culprit. Cold temps can turn the leaves purple especially around the edges. Plus the root temperature could get lower than the ambient air temperature making it much colder than even 62 which you measures.
  3. Do any of those mentioned nutes have micro-nutrients in them?
    I still think you need to raise the low temperatures. Low temps can lock out phosphorus amoung other things. Turn the lights on during the coldest parts of the night and/or get a heater.

    EDIT: Also looks like purple buds are a strain characteristic.
  4. This is what was feed:

    Two days before watering foliar fed Sea Kelp. Two days after watering folaiar fed Sea Kelp and Molasses.

    Big Bloom 5mL/ gallon
    Tiger Bloom 15mL
    Humbolt Bushmaster 5mL one set and 10mL for the other.

    Bushmaster is still an experimental enhancer and exact dosage ranges.

    I'm going to water them again tomorrow and feed with:

    Big Bloom 7.5mL
    Tiger Bloom 5mL
    Molasses 15mL

    Blackstrap Molasses has a good amount of micro nutes.
  5. This is basically what Purple Maxx does:

    Plus creates more resin as the plants think they' re under stress.

    The only thing is I havent started Purple Maxx at all yet.
  6. Then I still think it's the cold temps.
    I would only use that Purple Maxx towards the end of flower if at all.
  7. WoW, thats some serious purpeling, kinda looks cool tho.

    I have to agree with SmknVtech. Only thing I can think of is the Cold air causing

    it to turn purple. Are you Outdoor or indoor?
  8. Well it turns out the tips and edges are browning out. It must have looked deep purple in the early stages cause they're under a Hortilux Blue MH and it gives out a bluish green tint.
  9. Leaves are not purple... I repeat leaves are not purple. They are Brown and getting worse. I really need to get this under control. It could either be nute burn or a deficiency. I either need to flush or feed, which will it be? Or maybe even the light scorched them cause it was too close. I had the light 12" from the very tallest top where temp get up to about 83 degrees. Its a 1k watt Hortilux Blue MH. Maybe the bushmaster made it sensitive to the light and burned the leaves.
  10. Can you take a picture of them under natural light? Get far shots of the entire plant, a top view, and a close up of the browning leaves.
    That would really help us out.
    Your temps are too low which could lock out phosphorus amongst other things. Therefore, if you don't fix the temps, it does not matter what you try; it will not make her better.
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    This is why every one needs a TDS/EC meter.I use FF Nutes and when i checked the "Mix" as per the "Feeding Schedule" it was 2500ppm or more.
    I thought that the Open Sesame,Beastie Bloomz and Cha Ching were killing my girls when in fact it was the Tiger Bloom.
    Now i add one Nute to the water at a time and ck the PPM after each.
    Now i can control the PPM for each plant.
    I grow Hydro and soil less.
    that is actaully a post from on another thread thought you might be interested I dont personally have a meter myself I just saw you were using Tiger Bloom and they have had the same result too it is a post from Purple Maxx under Indoor Gardening
  12. Uh I dont need any pics here cause I got the tipitius too. It seems that after I treated my plants the first time with Purple Maxx and then decided to back that back with a 10% solution of MGro on the same day I now have the burnt tips and leafs as described above dont really know if there is a fix but not really sure that I am going to attempt one either, because what is happening is that the pen leaves surrounding the bud site is burnt out at the edges just like he said but after I stood there and really looked at it I decided that it was actually a somewhat equal measure to something I had previously decided to use as a pruning measure in the future nearer to the end of flowering not soo sure that this "burning" may actually lead to a better bud per say. But as to the other plants they are doing just fine they are not showing any signs of burning at all YET. So anyhow thought I would stop in and let you know. But also I did go ahead and give it a good drink of ro water. This plant is the smallest one in the crowd so think that it is relative to plant size but this plant was also one of the first on this grow to bloom too.So it may be an indicator of things to come for the others too I will let you know. Good Luck and Good Growing! Merry Christmas coming here at the end of January
  13. All the rest of the plants are doing just fine for the moment, the one with the burnt leaves is still chugging along. She has that one set of really bad fan leaves and in the bud sites it has a few pen leaves burnt but the pistols have all stayed nice, looking mostly like before so anyhow see you guys later

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