Purple Kush...?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Skrilla', Jul 1, 2003.

  1. Has anyone ever heard of a strain called 'Purple Kush' and if so, PLEASE tell me where to get it. There are a few different people that have it around here but they like to charge me 20 a gram, but they successfully sell it for 45 to anyone else. Its not even 'dro though but its FIIIIIIIIIRE nice taste, nice smoke, seriously, its a 1 hitta quitta. LITERALLY
  2. Ya I smoked some of this bomb, it was so good. It felt like I was swaying when I wasn't. I dont know where seeds are but if u live in NorCal id pay 15 a gram.
  3. one hitta quitta....ha i love that man. i will have to start using that.
  4. Or perhaps Purple Passion.
  5. Damn Right!
  6. LOL, it jus got shot with that beretta, his heads blown away,
  7. LMAO @ ya cheeky looking monkey :D
  8. Are you talking about the new Purple Kush, or the Orininal Purple Kush?¿ the new Purple Kush which is High Times strain of the year 2007 is suppose to be an offspring of OG kush, which is a strain from ChemDog (like most of the top strains).. The original legendary Purple Kush is a cross between Purple Afgahnistan and Hindu Kush (translation; "Killer Hindu" (love that name)), Alot has happened since the original Kush gained it's legendary status, new more powerful strains have came along. Many old timmers like me still prefer Original Kush, and Ill grab all I can get when it make a rare appearance in my town, I know there are finer strains around

    ***buyer beware most Purple Kush isn't actually purple, and I find more scams being ran on fake Kush than any other strain that Iv'e incountered...!!

    Purple Kush and Me.....
    I Usually had the finest Pot at any Party, everyone was chasing me for more. Then someone would show up with Purple Kush, and it was as if I wasn't even there, everybody wanted the Kush!!!! Many times the person with the Kush wanted what I had because in their own words "my stuff was better", I never been able to get a good reliable suppler. Oh what the hell, they all wanted the Kush, ~DÆ~

    No more beers..just A hand in the Kush, A hand in the Kush, A hand in the Kush.....
  9. :bongin:
  10. But back to the original question, that was asked by Skrilla'
    duz anybody know where to get some?¿

    woops never mind I still have some Humboldt county Indica :smoking:


    No more beers....just a hand in the Kush, a hand in the Kush, a hand in the Kush, a hand in the Kush, a hand in the Kush
  11. yes there is a strain called purple kush...its growin as i write this lol. its on day 71 i think of veg. if u wanna look click tha link on my sig.....if u live in the bay there is purple kush everywhere...do u live in tha bay?keep smokin!!:smoking: :smoking:
  12. Couldn't find purple kush, only Kushage and the Burmeese kush.
  13. its a song by three 6 mafia!
  14. Me and my friends hae gotten lots of purple kush.. we live close to B.C and we can find it pretty regularly. we usually pay about 110 ish a half . Smoke kush blunts. its the shit
  15. It's a West coast medical strain, and like many of them it's mostly available in clone form from a dispensary, or another grower.

    Recently it's been available in a hybrid cross in seed form, but prices can be outrageous as it sells in auction. http://seedbay.com/index.php?a=1002&b=26542

    Realized this was an old thread after posting.. Mine as well leave it up.. check out how much some folks will pay for seeds LOL..
  16. The Purple Kush is the bomb i think. Even in Veg it has a strong smell to it and outgrows the other plants like double!

    I am hoping mine will give me some nice dank buds!
  17. I would like to see a nice purple nug one day. I only seen nugs with purple hairs not all purple i mean EVERYTHING!
  18. theres been a million pics of the gdp and the purple kush on the gc
  19. i got some dank ass purple kush right now

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  20. currently growing some pk right now that i picked up as clones from coffee shop blue sky in oakland ca. its the real deal, this is my 2nd time growing it, and last time i harvested at day 68 of flowering and it was a nearly solid dark purple with reddish hairs and smelled delicious. when i bought the clones from blue sky they were going for i believe $12 each for about 8-10 inch cuttings. they seemed to be pretty picky about having a lower ph and now that i run them between a 5.5 - 5.7 consistently they are thriving amazingly and love life.

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