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Purple Kush

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by keno, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Personally I've never heard of the strain but my dealer said he just got a bunch in and claims it's some pretty dank stuff. $320 for an oz. What do you guys think of the strain and price?
  2. It doesn't get better than kush. There's people who've paid over 400 for it here.
  3. I know kush strains are great weed, I've just never heard of purple kush before. I just assume it's kush but colored purple?
  4. I've heard of it. It's just a kush with purple hairs, if I'm not mistaken. You know, like not violent purple, but purple tinged. It's probly worth like 60 an eigth if it's well grown, depending on where you live. That sounds like a good price for an ounce, but I would ask if he could do a quarter for 100, and just space it out between mids.
  5. Do It In Ri Thats A Deal O Shit Caps Locks Have Been On For Liek 20 Minets Lmao.
  6. Everyone always makes such a big deal out of purple weed. I've heard dealers talk about how fast and easy it is to sell anything purple, and how easily they can up the price. I've smoked my share of it, although I don't think I've ever had Purple Kush, and honestly I don't notice any difference. Sure it's a slightly different strain and can get you blazed as shit but I don't think the fact that it's purple makes it any higher quality.
  7. I don't give a fuck about purple buds, I personally like a lighter lime green look. I'm just a kush enthusiast.
  8. Well yeah kush is always a nice smoke, I was just saying purple kush probably wouldn't be any noticeably different than any other kush.
  9. I'm just hoping Purple Kush doesnt mean Kush crossed with some shitty strain though. Hopefully it's just Kush with purple hairs or something.. I'll post macros when I pick it up sometime tonight or tomorrow.
  10. The 'purple kush' I had was very purple, and had bright orange hairs. It was just the best purple looking nug ever.
  11. How did it smoke? How was the high? It's a pretty strong Indica strain, yeah?
  12. I was offered it once for 65$/eighth but I asked for mids instead because that's such an outrageous price.
  13. doubt it.

    Purple Kush is a clone only strain. Known for it's taste and potency in local circles. The taste is grapey and it's pain relieving effects are immediate. Good for anxiety and depression. Released by the SR-71 Coffee Shop in Oaksterdam
  14. ^^ That's ironic....I know someone who only tries to find Purple Kush for his anxiety. He said only certain types of buds help him. Too bad there's no MMJ in Indiana.... at least I don't believe there is.
  15. ive heard that purple strains are mostly indica
    aswell as kush
    so its probably a crazy indica high:D
  16. No, It's called Purple Kush because its a cross of Hindu Kush X Purple Afgani, doesn't have to be purple.

    320/zip is a great price depending where u live.

    Here are some pictures from my last purple kush pickup :

    Purple Kush :





    It's very good, but personally I like Banana and Jupiter kush better.
  17. Wow, that looks like some tasty bud. Thanks for the input everyone, I think I'll go ahead and grab the zip today. Wunschshrek, hows the high on that? I imagine a crazy couchlock?
  18. Definitely

    If its legitimate Purple Kush then itll be generously covered in birght orange hairs and purple.

    You know in Cali we get the true shit.

    But honestly ive had Purple Kush enough times to say that its not as potent as youd expect. Other Kush strains can completely blow it ouf the water. Hindu Kush and Master Kush would be some of these.
  19. But is it worth $320 for the zone? I mean I can always just tell my dealer I'll wait until he gets something else.
  20. Like I said, it depends on where u live, and your your connect, and how much your buying.

    In some places this would be 400 an ouce if just buying one once, then others on here can't even get strains like that, so it would be much more, then in places like cali and NYC, it could be 350 or 300, depending on connect. Then like canada, you could get it for 150 or so.

    No one knows where u live, or what the situation is - so it is hard to say.

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