Purple Kush Bagseed CFL/Soil first grow

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  1. Also, I got an email from California Lightworks and they are doing 20% off for whole month of october... I have a feeling I might break under the pressure! I don't have the cash right now, was planning on using my X-mas bonus, but hey! what are credit cards for anyway? haha
  2. Hey have been reading this forum for a while now, and also the Cannabis Grow Bible by Greg Green, and topping can stress the plant. A better way is to LST, or bend it until a new sprout comes out.

  3. That's basically what I'm doing, the only topping I've done is accidental... lol

    But both time it happened the plant responded very quickly and the branches all started competing for top bud.
  4. Awesome job with the 250w CFL. Dont know how you did it but im impressed. Ill be curious to see how the blue dream turns out. I just tried some the first time the other day and it was some dank shit:smoking:
  5. The ladies are looking real nice...looks like you're coming up on the home stretch...badass..can't wait to see the buds get fatter by the week
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    Thanks! I suppose the screen helped it push out more, there's at least a good 14g that came from all the branching in the middle that grew when I put the screen on.

    I'm having some trouble with my blue dream right now... It's taking forever to see sex, it's been about 2 weeks since it was put into 12/12 I see some small signs, but no real white pistils everywhere like my PK. Could it be because there's a lot more Sativa in this one so it takes quite a bit longer??
    and I'm starting to see some red/orange spots on my leaves, very tiny spots about the size of pinheads. The same happened to my clone and it has grown into larger brown dead spots with a lot of yellowing...

    Can't figure if it's a def or nute lock out. I thought it might be Cal def but I watered her with a good dose (about 3/4 strength) of nutes and it didn't really help, but didn't seem to hurt either. Then yesterday I flushed the clone with 2 galons of tap water, run off seemed to be around PH 6 and tap water was about PH 7.6-7.8. But it's hard to tell since I only use a aquarium test kit with little drops and a color chart.
    Hopefully the flush will help!

  7. I also bumped it up to 330W for my second round :D
  8. Well I have some bad news... Turns out my Blue Dream is a male, so I had to cut it down...
    That probably means my clones are males too but I put them in 12/12 to see just in case.

    Hopefully it didn't affect my flowering PK, but I wouldn't mind a couple of Blue Dream x Purple Kush seeds in my budz! :p haha

    In response I put 3 seeds in germination! :) 1 Blue Dream (hopefully female this time!!), 1 Bubba 76 from Emerald triangle or something.
    And 1 Dinafem Fruit Auto.

    I also have a big surprise coming in next friday :D let's say I made a small purchase :cool:

    I'm a bit pissed at my Blue Dream male but overall I'm optimistic about the future of my garden :)
  9. Well since you'll get so many phenos from those two, I would lol, if you decide to though, just get the best mother, and clone her, but still too many phenos. I wouldn't...
    Bubba pre-98 x Afghanistan 1976
    And autos I seem to like some how, I think if I start growing it's definately Spliff AK Automatic. The Bubba 76 is a F1 hybrid, that's not so stable ;(. It does sound good anyway. I think I'll stick to more stable strains, especially the price they sell for, Tobacco seeds sell more than 500($10) for the price of 5 cannabis seeds. Since Tobacco is heirloom and these are artificially selected I mind only that it is stable and good.
  10. the auto and the bubba were both freebies so I might as well try them :)

    when you say unstable, do you mean they have greater chance to hermie? or is it that you get a lot of variation from seed to seed?

  11. Variation.
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    Time for a MAJOR update!! :hello:

    I am a proud new owner of a 200W SolaFlare LED light from California Lightworks

    The light actually looks a lot more blue in the pictures than it actually is!

    My PK is about 2-3 weeks from harvest.

    The interesting part is my Blue Dream, It is a clone that I took early from my original Blue Dream when it was still in Veg (accidental topping... :S ). The Mother plant turned out to be a male and I killed it on oct 27th. I immediately put the clone in flower to check sex knowing I would probably get another male. But last week it started showing some pistils and up until now I see no pollen sacs. It is 9 days into flower

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  13. How much did that light set you back? Im really starting to like my LED and its not even close to the size of yours (think mines a 45w)
  14. I got it with the October discount so it was 20% off (359$ instead of 449$).

    with shipping tax and all it was 429$

  15. $9 too much. Also I just got power back here in NJ.
  16. And btw, the customer service was really awesome with these guys. I really felt like I was buying from someone who knew what he was selling and answered all my questions.

    That's something I really need when buying a 400$ light. customer service makes all the difference
  17. Ya I think I really want to grow the AK Automatic from Spliff some time.. Need to move out lol.
  18. I guess my thread is a bit outdated now since I`m almost done my PK bagseeds and I`m now a LED grower!

    I will be starting my new Thread tonight I suppose! :D
  19. looking forward to following it:hello:
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    I also need advice from the GC community....

    I remembered after like 5 years of owning my credit card that I have a rewards point program and I'm now at 30 000 points, which would be enough for a 250$ gift card for Future shop or Best buy. or 2x 100$ prepaid Visa cards...

    So I now have a dilemma... Should I buy a nice camera? and at 250$ I would be able to get HD videos and all! :D

    Or get the prepaid Visas and buy a real inline Fan to be able to run a good carbon filter to remove all odors from my apt?

    This one to be exact.
    Max Fan 6 '' ( 334 cfm ) 3 vitesses (3 speed inline fan)

    The main criteria I have for a fan like that is to be SILENT as my cabinet is in my bedroom and I like to sleep! :p I saw this fan at the shop and at speed 1 it is pretty damn silent (even more than my PC fans running on 18V)

    So if anyone knows of a cheapper fan that pulls enough for a carbon filter and runs very quiet please let me know!!

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