Purple Kush Bagseed CFL/Soil first grow

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    Ok! I think it's about time I start my journal on my grow! now that I'm 2 days into flowering. I started the germination process on May 26th 2012.

    Let's start off with the specs of my grow:


    -Vegetative stage with 3x 25W 6400K and 1x 40W 2700k

    -Flowering stage with 4x 40W 2700k and 1x 25W 6400k


    - DIY 2' x 2' x 6' White laminate cabinet. It is divided in a 22'' h veg section, 41''h flower section and a 8''h ''electronics bay'' where all my wires and power supply are.

    - Ventilation is done with a 6'' and 8'' fan for air circulation and light cooling. Running the exhaust are an amalgam of DIY PC fans. I have 5x 80mm (2x on the veg side and 3x on the flower side) and 1x 120mm 75CFM on the flower side. They are all run on my old laptop power supply, it's 18.5V so the fans are running 1.5x faster than it would on the normal 12V...

    -Oder control: I started off with some shitty DIY carbon scrubbers but I ditched 'em about a week ago to increase airflow. I put in a 2L sprite bottle ONA breeze, and it's faaarrr more effective than my filters plus I end up with a lot more airflow.


    I started the grow in Miracle Gro potting soil with slow release fertz (.14 .14 .14) which was not the best choice IMO. I would get random nute burns and growth stunting, mostly when I watered. I tested my tap water at about 7.4 PH with an aquarium test kit. I then transplanted, after about 2 month into a root pouch 3 gal pot with Promix. I bought the General Hydroponics Go Box and started using it at the last week before I switched into 12/12.


    As for my grow itself, I started to LST my plant at about 2 weeks from seed and have been tying the branches ever since. At about 1 month from seed I accidently topped my main branch while doing an LST session. I tried to tape it up but it broke off completely and was lost.

    The topping wasn't all that bad, all the secondary branches reacted within about 1-2 days and had a major growth spurt!! :p I will definitely be testing topping on my future plants!

    I had some trouble with smell at only about a month into veg. It started to stink up my apt quickly so I made some DIY carbon filters but it only reduced the smell.

    Last week I saw this post http://forum.grasscity.com/do-yourself/728452-diy-ona-odor-control-bucket-cheap-easy.html and I was impressed at the good comments in the thread, so I went to the hydro shop and bought some ONA concentrated liquid and the clerk gave me about a 100g of aqua crystals! :) .

    I made a miniaturized version of it using a 2L sprite bottle and an 80mm PC fan. I put 3 tbs of crystals with about 1/2cup of ONA juice with about 2-3 cups of water (up to the slots I carved in the bottle). It made somekind of chunky gel that smelled fresh linen! :D And within 2 minutes the smell was gone in my room. Within about 30m minutes my whole apt smelled like fresh linen! the dispersion of this stuff is incredible and it didn't only mask the odor it completely removed it!!

    And now some pictures from seed to about 1 week ago (May 26th - July 26th)

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  2. Here is a pictures of the ONA mini.

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    Flowering time!!

    2 days ago I moved my plant up into the flower room after transplanting into a 3gal root pouch and installing the screen. I figured it would be better than LST because of limited space and amount of fiddling. I have to admit I was a bit scared of tying my branches after I topped my main stem about 6-8'' of height by accident... :( about 3-4'' of main stem snapped off completely... I tapped it up but it didn't come back, I should've made a clone at least...

    The plant responded pretty good to the switch to 12/12, screen, transplant and new food (GH nutes). hahaha :p hopefully I didn't stress it too much. Looks like it came back pretty well, it definitely loves the nutes and greater light 185W total instead of 115W.

    Also the lower branches is getting alot more light with the screen than before and started a whole bunch of offshoots and small leaves.

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  4. pretty sweet setup buddy!
  5. Looking good dude your about as far in as my plants and I've got pretty much the same setup as you it's my first time using cfls I am also lsting will be interested to watch your grow compared to mine see if we get similar results I like your odor control device too nice work. Anyway good luck with what's left of your grow flowering the fun part yay
  6. Thanks guys! I can`t wait to see some sex, should be a female or at least a hermie... lol since it was some bagseeds. but still the suspense is killing me! haha

    I have been getting some trouble with the heat. I think I have to increase my intake opening, when I close the door completely the fans in the back barely pushes air and the temps quickly rise in the area of 90-95*F. With about a 1'' crack in the door the temps are consistent at 80-85*F (around 5*F over ambient room temps) luckily I live in a basement! :D haha!
  7. So my plant has shown the first signs of womanhood! YAY!!:hello:

    I will post some pics later when there's enough for you guys to see in my crappy blackberry pictures! haha

    But in the Veg section my clones aren't doing too good... it's been pretty hot lately (but the cabinet never went over 90*F) The leaves a starting to shrivel up... what could be causing that? under watering maybe? the pots did seem pretty dry when I checked today...
  8. I'm trying to upload some pictures but everytime it fails in the attachement manager.... Is there a reason why it does that? any picture I try fails...

    I want to add some pictures!!!
  9. Entering the 2nd week of flowering. Also watered for the first time with ''bloom'' nutes. I'm hoping to see a good reaction to the nutes. more and more white hairs coming out of the bud sites and everything is looking pretty good!!

    I'm trimming more and more below the screen, but I'm not sure if I'm doing a good job... Anyone has suggestions on how/what to trim?

    Here are some pics hopefully you can see some hairs... but the picture quality is pretty crappy

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  10. i clip everything that is not a new shoot stem.
    so like the random little fan leafs around the bottom are slowly getting taken out..
    and the random leafs that may cover something that could get more light if the leaf was gone.
    you dont want to do too much at one time id say..
    hope this helps^^
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    I clipped alot of tiny new shoots (less than 1/2'' long), but they were barely getting any light and I don't think they would've grown anything... Basically I want the plant to concentrate on the stuff above the screen.

    As for the large fan leaves above the screen, I haven't touched them yet but they are blocking some of the light to the lower bud sites... Should I trim them a bit? I move them around so the lower sites get light though.
  12. Just added a 5th 40W 2700k CFL so im now at 5x 40W 2700k and 1x 25W 6400k. I'm now at 14 600 lumens so 3650 lumens per square foot :)
  13. Day 14 of Flowering!

    Time for some pictures!

    I also lowered the lights (actually raised the plant :p ) so they're now at around 1-2'' distance from the canopy and I think the flowers are liking it! :D

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  14. Day 28 Flowering

    It's picture update time!!

    So the budz are getting fatter everyday, and you can't see it on the pictures but they are getting pretty frosty!! The smell is not so bad, there's a faint Kush smell in my apartment but it's been a while since I refilled my ONA mini.

    I actually enjoy the faint smell :p

    As for my clones, there are not too bad... but I'm not really taking care of them...

    Not sure I will actually use them since I got my seeds from Attitude! and put 1 Blue Dream to germinate which I will probably use as a mother for some clones. So my current PK clones will probably be experiments. Thinking of doing a lollipop with them hahaha

    I got 3x Blue Dream from Humbold
    1x OG Kush from reserva privada
    1x Bubba 76 from emerald triangle
    and 1x Fruit auto and original amnesia Auto, both form Dinafem

    They came in 10 days across the pond and the packaging was great!! I really recomend them.

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  15. looking good dude!

    nice seed line up too!
  16. id top the clones 3 times and LST the 4 colas.
    just make some little bud machines lol
  17. Yeah I'm not sure what I'll do with them. I only have a 2x2 space for flowering. And right now it is occupied with my main plant flowering and there is no space left at all.

    And my next main plant will be my blue dreams in 3-4 weeks, I will probably be able to fit 3x 3 gallon root pouches at about 3 weeks interval to have somewhat of a perpetual grow/harvest

  18. do you mean fimming them to get 4 main colas?
  19. if you top it, it will split to two. do it again to the other half and you will have 3 colas, thats what i did to mine.
    and if u want to go more u can, but i wouldnt reccomend that.

    right now my plant is like a triangle shape from over head, 3 colas and like 8-10 middle mini shoots. i should of vegged longer and taken better care of it in the begining, and it would be much bigger.

    i dont know the terms for growing lol so i may call shit wrong.

    im no pro, but it seems to be working out just fine for me, and doing like i wanted.

    just keep working the branches out close to the rim of the pot so you can let them all have some room, and all confined in the perimiter of the pot its growing in.
    a little twine, or i use pipe cleaners and just make a hook shape at the ends to hold the plant back.

    just an idea

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