Purple Kush Bagseed CFL/Soil first grow

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  1. That's not a bad Idea! I might do that to one of them and try to lollipop the other haha

    I don't really care what I get from them, they were an attempt at cloning in case I didn't get any seeds in time. I just don't want them to take up the whole space since I will probably put a 1' x 2' ScrOG for my Blue Dream.
  2. Should look up an invert grow. Or something like that. lol

    Someone posted it on my page a while back.
    Not the led flower thread. But the one with 40 some pages lol

    Its where u do like chicken wire round the pot to tie all branches to. And run them around and around like a tornado kinda. And the middle is empty. Put some lights in the middle and and they grow around the light.
    I want to try that some day.

    Just something to look at. lol
  3. haha that sounds sooo cool! hahaha kind of like a hardcore LST grow :p

    I remember seeing that in your thread!

    now with a borrowed camera! :D

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  5. couple more!

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  6. how long did you veg for?

    that is looking Good dude!
    how tall is it?

    my girl is a shorty lol

    i wanted to rush her tho..
    should of let her bounce back after topping again.. lol
    but i think she is going to get Thick.
    any bud is fine really lol she came from a bag i had gotten way back, so its like a super late rufund... haha

    do you still have the Cam?
    if u do, can u hold a lighter by it for size reference?
  7. It was vegged for 2 months under about 100-125W of CFL. I made it veg so long because my parents were visiting and I didn't want those flowers to stink up my appartment, so I waited after they came to put it into flowering. It is about 10-12'' high if I don't count the 10'' tall root pouch. It fills up my 2' x 2' screen pretty nicely. The screen holes are 2''x2'' if you want a comparison :p haha.

    I will try to get the camera again and take a picture next week with a lighter or pop can!

    And harvest should be in about 2 weeks :D but I have yet to find a microscope, I will probably end up buying one from Amazon or somthing...

    Mine too is a Bagseed, so any bud is a good refund! hahaha

    My little Blue dream seed is coming along nicely too! about 3''h now!! :hello: can't wait to taste that one! I'm a huge fan of blueberry strains! haha

  8. Pretty much all the budz are lighter sized or bigger. The smaller ones in the middle are pretty much as high as a lighter and maybee 2 lighters ''thick''.

    Can't wait to see my yield!! hoping at least for 1 oz+. But I'll be happy with 1/2oz! haha
  9. Is this what your talking about?

  10. That's the one I saw earlier on the forums! looks pretty nice, I tried to do that with my current plant but I was always afraid to break the stem, so I just LST'ed her with string and put a screen on top when I put her in flower mode. The screen is alot less fiddling in your plant :)
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    I practiced with tomato plants this year using that method. Works pretty good. Do a little at a time as it grows. Tie it down, let it lift it's self back up and grow enough to reach the next tie point. Then repeat.

    Oh, I didn't let it grow as big as it shows in the 2-6 side sketch. Soon as the stem established it's self strongly, I started guiding it to the side, then kept guiding until it reached the horizontal/width point at which I wanted it.
  12. [quote name='"yomandude"']PICTURE TIME!!!

    now with a borrowed camera! :D[/quote]

    Looking greaaattt!! Good stuff man.
  13. So I just ordered a microscope on Amazon for 10$ free shipping! hopefully I will receive it in time! :)

    can't wait to see the trichs up close, the hairs are about 60-70% orange now so I should be harvesting in the next week or so!!
  14. I got a newsletter, and I think this info, if correct will help you without a camera.
    This is the simplest harvest method. Watch the pistols/hairs growing on the buds and harvest based on how many have darkened and curled in.
    For a speedier high, harvest when about 40% of white hairs have darkened and curled in
    For highest THC levels and buds that make you soar, wait until buds have fattened and 50-70% of the white hairs have darkened and curled in.
    For higher CBN levels, which cause more of a relaxing effect, wait until new white hairs stop growing, and 80-90% of the hairs have darkened and there are few white hairs.

    I cannot personally tell the difference, but this will help out just in case you are going too far.

    Sorry my information is on newsletters, need my own place before I start growing.

    Also since it's a Kush(Indica), and since the newsletter said to pair with genetics, you will want the CBN path, I know you know, just want to put it out there.
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  15. Thanks! it's actually the first post that shows a ready vs not ready plant not under the microscope.

    And I just got my scope yesterday in the mail, didn't really get time to play with it much, but from what I saw I have about 60% white 39% clear and found 2-3 amber trichs. I will take a closer look tonight when I get home.

    And try to take some picture, If I manage to have a steady hand! :p
  16. So I've been looking everyday with my scope and amber's starting to show. Probably only 10% clear left and mostly cloudy, so I've decided to chop her monday night!

    Can't Wait!!!! :hello::hello::hello:
  17. Just curious if you stuck to the 4x 40W 2700k and 1x 25W 6400k? I'm also curious if an all CFL setup in soil works well with organic nutes. I'm thinking about purchasing either the GO Box like you have or the botanicare pure blend pro soil package with liquid karma. Anyway, Im excited to see your harvest.

  18. I added a couple more CFL I now have 5x 40W 2700k and 1x 25W 2700k and 1x 25W 6400k so it puts me at 250W total. I felt some buds were a bit in the shade since the lights are all so close to the canopy. All my 40Ws are within 2'' of at least 1 bud

    As for the nutes this is my first grow so I don't have anything to compare but the GH Go Box works really great! No real nute burn even at full strength. I also used a Root Pouch apparently it helps yield alot.

    I'm pretty surprised CFL did so well up to now, but will probably upgrade with LED in the near future (that would be a christmas bonus well spent! :D )

  19. Monday :D. Waiting man.

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