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Purple K?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weightsman, May 13, 2010.

  1. Im having my graduation party this friday and this dude says he can suposedly get me purple K, I hear this is good shit and I was wondering if there were any specific features i could look at to make sure i wasnt getting ripped off. Thanks in advance
  2. Purple kush or purple k? No one can tell you anything specific about a strain because every plant is different.
  3. People make names for various strains all the time. Just because its a made up name doesn't mean it isn't fire though. It may very well just be some no name dank with a random name.
  4. If you mean purple kush, yeah it's good.
  5. Tell him to fuck off if it doesn't smell like skunk and it's not purple.

    I hate it when *****z be goin around sayin shits purple and shit got like a dash of purple or none at all.. If the buds aren't compeltely coated in purple I don't even want to hear it.
  6. Even some medical grade purple strains aren't mostly purple.
  7. Color is determined by the temperature at which the marijuana is grown. This means you can have purple kush that is all green, and you can also have purple Sour Diesel. I'm not saying it's common, but it doesn't mean they're lying when they say it's purple kush and it's all green.

    Case in point:

  8. Yesterday i bought like 2 grams from my friend who happens to be my dealer as well. And he said its Purple kush.. I look at it and i think to myself.. this cant be purple... It was pure green and has some leaves on it. It looked like mids, where my guy sells dank only.. BUT after we smoked it be go so damn baked. In the end dont judge by the color.
  9. Yes, my good sirs. I am very well aware of all of this. I just think it's sloppy to call something purple that's not purple. I don't really care what the rationale behind it. I only feel this way because most people feel purple is synonymous with a certain level of quality when quite obviously that's not true (dude I have gotten some schwaggy ass purple before.)
  10. haha allright thanks to all, ill just risk it cause its fuckin graduation:yay:

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