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  1. goal is 32 females. oz per plant. several strains going on here. some of them I made myself: purple diesel, skush, kushberry, purple kush. first time running them all. all first gen seeds as far as the last cross. planning to veg for 4 weeks or so. depending on the need for clones or not. pretty much all organic nutes. fox farm, bone meal, blood meal, mc organic plant food, fish emulsion, superthrive, mc tomato plant food, molasses, and rain water. think I covered all the nutes. coming close to aroun 2,000 wts. like to keep temps fairly cool. fans constantly blowing. sometimes I make some home made co2 with yeast and sugar. like to flush at least once. usually put them in dark for last 72 hrs of life, along with ice flush and splitting the stem at the very bottom.

    would love for any comments. coming from greenpassion and I love sharing this info so much that I figured I would come on board over here. about 5 yrs exp. cant really say the number of harvest? Its constantly going at one place or another so you cant really judge that. I can say that I have exp with over 50 genetics coming from theattitude or nor-cal. all have been fun. started making my own crosses it was so fun. almost considered once my genetics are stable and the laws have changed, selling them under dman seeds. ended up dman seeds already exists? seen it somewhere under some strain reviews. kinda weird I thought. So maybe afroman seeds. and if I find them anywhere I'm done sharing ideas!! lol

    here some pics of the babies as of yesterday

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    pic 5 is purple mom, pic 6 is blueberry mom, pic 7 is skunk mom, pic 8 is ice mom, and pic 9 is diesel after cure. all plants created seed that is now being shown in this current journal

    the babies are pics from today or yesterday. the plants with buds have been harvested. those are the mothers of the plants I said I had created. my purple pinecone, blue cheese, and purple widow should arrive soon. plan on crossin these into some of my dutch passion strains, and hopefully some free bees that I have been saving for years! thats the main reason I have so many crossbreeds, because I had one single female seed (free bee) and wanted more than one seed so I would cross them. Or I would end up with a great female ratio and no males.

    do plan on putting the pollen tossin to an end tho. just would like some colors in my strains so I went with purple and blues for the finale! was really wanting to do some sweettooth, third deminsion, or sour cream to add some super tastiness to a couple strains but that might have to wait. it has taken me years and years to accumulate everything, including knowledge, so I know patients is a virtue. thx for taking a peek.
  3. Subbed! Do you have any pics of your setup?
  4. can do real quick. might take about 20 min.
  5. ok took a lil longer than 20 mins. had to grab a bite to eat after taking the pics and sending them to my computer. and if youre like me you gotta smoke a fat one right after eating. by the way i'm smoking blue dream as we type, lol. good stuff for sure. my top 5 list! west coast strain i believe? anyway i took some pics of them, but i received some pretty late harvested buds with female pollen sacs dried up in them. i sure as hell wasnt gonna waste them so i plucked them out and put them to work on my blueberry clone thats about 4". think these are pretty fresh nugs too cuz the pollen seems to have taken to the female. so the pollen hasnt degraded lucky me!!!! only 3 or so in the whole oz tho.

    been a lot of trainwreck, iss, gd purp, crippie, blue haze, and even a lil green crack floatin this way. not locally grown.

    these pics are of the room. it had one 1000wt, one 430wt, and one 270 wt in it. plan on tossing my vegg lights in for the combo to come close as possible to 2000. about your avg size room i guess. around 10x10? these coming up seasons are great for this project. was really bad with the 1700 going over the summer. as of now only two cfl 24wt red and blue are being used. have about 6 more of them. 3 red and 3 blue. the closet isnt a part of this journal as of now. it has some " mad max", that 4" blueberry, and one skunk1 in it. they only have about 4 week max left. mad max was named that cuz it branches out like crazy. its nothing to weigh it over one night and see and inch or more of growth the next morn.

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  6. I know miracle grow gets a bad rep but i always use under the suggested use of any fert. honestly i can say that any nute burn that ive had did not come from that. most if not all of mine comes from the beastie bloomz. its good stuff and all but it has done some damage and like i said i seriously never use what they suggest. and i only use it during the last month of flower.

    i like to veg with superthrive, tomato plant food, and fish emulsion. i have also added bone, blodd and organic plant foods to the soil at this time. with this i never see any sign of burn on plants, very small amounts of each, only pinches cuz i usually veg in cups for the first 2 weeks. when i choose to flower, if i want clones or not determines this, i flush each female good. them i switch up the nutes into overdrive about the beginning of the second week of 12/12 or 14/10. i like to work down from 24 hrs 30 min at a time all the way down to 12/12. final weeks of flower i cut all nutes short and add molasses onlly. might do one last shot of beastie at this point. i like to push plants until almost all red. more like 95% microscope bulb died and deciding on buying a new more improved one, or replace the bulb.

    once i decide its the final day of light i toss them in trash bags most of the time for 3 nights or so. i also scar the bottom of the stem at this point along with the ice flush.
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    some of the genetics i have accumulated over the years, along with several bag seeds and packages that have been lost. speaking of bag seed i have 2 trainwreck bagseeds from a oz. not sure wich trainwreck it was tho. all nugs from here come from cali and some from colorado

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