Purple Days Revisited....

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  1. So with all the threads and posts on the E-Nano, the UnderDog and the HI, I thought it might be time to bring out the PD from retirement just for a change of pace. 
    The PD's bowl size is smaller than all of the current logs on the market.    Totally packed, it will only hold 0.025gr.       
    Plugged her in, waited for her to heat up, loaded a stem and...................whoa.......totally forgot what this was like.   5 hits...........3 with pretty thick clouds...................totally wasted..........all on a mere 0.025gr.
    I thought since I went to my LSV exclusively about a year ago, that my tolerance increased because I was using about 3 times the amount of bud, but after last night, I realized that my tolerance was the same.    What was different is how stupidly insanely efficient the PD really is.   
    While the LSV, or for that matter, ANY vape on the market, is not as efficient as the PD, I still like the LSV experience of getting blasted with half the amount of hits along with the glorious taste of an all glass vapor path.
    Bottom line to all this is that they both provide a different experience and is definitely a justification of owning more than one type of vape.   
    The PD is now back in rotation.

  2. I was waiting for this day to come. When you were considering selling it I didn't think you really would due to how highly you speak of your PD. Good to see the old girl still in rotation.
    After all this time, it still amazes me how little bud it takes with the PD to get totally vaked.
  4. I agree..it's all about how efficient the vape is. If it sits there vaping weed away while you aren't even hitting it, of course a good bit of the herb is gonna be wasted.
    Closest thing I've got to a purple days is the underdog..I could probably make a gram last 5 days with it.
    With the PD, I vaped every single night and a gram lasted me over a month.
  6. Bout time you went back to using the PD. It was a damn shame that you had such a nice vaporizer just sitting there with no use.
    What does the purple days stem look like? I thought they kind of looked like the stainless steel tipped stems of the underdog but im probably wrong.
  7. Stock stems looked like this:
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    I had this one as well but sold it about 2 years ago......Custom blown by an old member over at FC.
    Still have the glass hydro-stem though.
  9. Oh yeah I guess the stock PD stems are the pretty close to the underdog nylon stem. Man im still jealous of that custom glass stem of yours.
    Thats awesome right there... Gotta love when you bust something out thats been shelved and it performs just as well (if not better) than you expected it to. And I totally feel you on the "more than one vape" experience. Really interesting how the different devices process the herbs differently given all the variables, thus resulting in various different levels of high's. 

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