Purple caper seeds, possibly the shittest breeder to exist.

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  1. A few weeks ago I bout nearly 400 dollars in seeds from purple caper seeds, the names of the strains they were selling were all good strains I've grown before
    You know the classic
    Wedding cake
    And some OG strains

    My package came in the mail the other day and I was exited to pop my seeds and see how they grow, out of 30 seeds only 2 germinated, and they only grew tiny taproots after 24 hours in water and 36 hours in moist paper towels, I put the 2 that did "germinate" in soil and they never popped out of the ground. My dissapointment is immeasurable and my day ruined.
    They advertise their seeds as "top shelf" but in my experience they are top bullshit.
    0/10 would not reccomend
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  2. That looks like trash.

    Great Lakes Genetics
    Oregon Elite
    DC Seed Exchange
    Archive Seed Bank

    All excellent vendors.... Doesnt mean every strain is excellent as they all sell gear from many many breeders (except archive they only sell their own gear). That is why you have to research breeders, find reputable ones that have the genetics you want, and grow away.
  3. I usually shop these breeders
    Pheno finder seeds
    Barneys farm
    World of seeds
    Expert seeds
    And occasionally when I'm feeling boujee I'll go on ilgm and get my seeds there
    All of these breeders I stand behind 100% excellent quality of seeds from all of them.
    I also like to try out lesser known seedbanks to see if they're worth the price they charge and they usually have good seeds, purple caper is the only breeder I've had problems with EVER
  4. Im really enjoying the LIT Farms project 4516 lineup. Ive only grown the MB15 cross but my god.... The archive moonbow crosses are also great. The Katsu bubba crosses are good, not amazing. But if you are looking for good old school kush crosses then they are top notch.
  5. If you want to talk about top notch smoke, go to the attitude seedbank, look up white rhino x mazar. It's bred by world of seeds and to this day is the best strain I have ever put into my lungs. It's also the highest yielding strain I've grown, last year I got 2lbs off of a single plant outdoors. Also glue gelato autoflower by barneys farm is a definite top 3 in my book, highly recommended if you want a indica dominant hybrid that will knock your socks off
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  6. Been wondering about archives stuff, a lot of it seemed overinflated but as a breeder they are close and semi interest me.
    I could have sworn they carry massive seeds, as well as another however yeah. Shits so sketch depending on which world you are getting your seeds from. Shitty to get poor schwag gear.

    Sorry to hear sirsinse, that purple caper couldn't even give you plants to critic.. have you contacted them?
  7. I googled this for reviews they are on ig ect and theres tones of reviews that are good from growers

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  8. They have a website where they sell just their gear. They might sell others at their physical location.

    Feminized Hybrids

    Mellon fizz, tropical fusion, and puro loco are probably their only good options right now.
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  9. they guarantee things nobody can.
    Red flags . I would pass. Glad others had a good review.
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  10. I have ordered from a few different seed companies, but as right now I like North Atlantic seed company. Take different payment options and after payment usually have my seeds in 3 days. Seeds that I have tried sprout in 24 hours.
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    Yes I just put a order in yesterday for gorilla girl xl gorilla zkittlez lsd all autos from Barney's, paid today and already have a tracking number for my seeds. They have a big selection from other seed companies in stock. Check it out. North Atlantic seed company.
  12. I have used N.A. I had a serious issue with there shipping . two and half weeks each order . .I expect 6 or less . Customer support Sucked ! Zero phone support zero email reply . Zero plus zero not good . I even told them charge me 20 bucks to ship so i could get them faster (PLEASE USE FED X ) Nope they will not .
    I have to suggest a company Best Marijuana Seeds - Buy Cannabis Seeds Online | Greenpoint Seeds
    Pick up the phone call them talk to a real person . They also have a hemp seed store for commercial cbd farmers . There genetics are in house . If you want the best you have to go to the best source .
    Tell them I sent you . They may send you a discount code .
  13. Sorry you had a bad experience with them, but all I can say each time I have ordered from them had them ship as soon as they got my payment, like I said paid this morning had tracking number by noon, and they got alot of good breeders on their site, so far all my seed sprout in 24 hours. I don't work for them I don't know them but if I get good stuff quick I pass it on to other people. Some people just have bad luck sometimes when all the stars line up just perfect on you.
  14. I got seeds from greenpoint also but they don't even come close to what North Atlantic seed company has in stock and ready to go.
  15. Cool story bro, do you really think people are going to fall for your bullshit scam??? Reported again.
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  16. Lol you're a scammer everyone here knows it you dickhead. If you was in fact a real dealer you wouldn't need to be spamming forums hoping someone falls for the scam, you cocksucker.

  17. I'm not your mate & no one here believes your story... Do you also deliver the weed to people via Jets so it gets there extra fast??? or do u bring it via unicorn is that faster???

  18. So it's by unicorn then??? Or does Manbearpig deliver it

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