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Purple bud pics - how does it look?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by m477, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. This is an unknown indica seed. Looks pretty good but I'm very surprised its turning purple. How does it look?


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    Looks delicious. Got a couple of weeks left before harvest :)

    lol, didn't realize it was outdoor at first...anyway, it may be getting kind of cold for it nowadays...that'll make it turn purple, and also stunt growth. Might want to bring it in to finish up. Where are you located?
  3. looks more sativa than indica. Looking tasty.
  4. It is getting colder out.... been in the 50's at night/morning. I'm in CA. Plant started July 15th, a bit late.

  5. Sativa? Really? That would be awesome, I prefer Sativa but these seeds were free, beggars cant be choosers :)
  6. Looks good man.. I also have a mistery plant that turned purple, I started it to late, so the buds are small.. im in the outdor journals. just posted today.., you should check it out. keep it up
  7. You my friend have a beauty of a plant :hello:
  8. looks really nice :) love the purple
  9. More pics, the tall one is ~ 56 inches and the smaller one (purple) is ~ 49 inches (from the base of the stem in the pot, not the ground).

    The yellow jug is a one gallon minute maid container.


    The purple cola is about 12 inches and the bigger plants cola is 15 inches.

  10. Any ideas how much they will yield? I dont have a clue :p
  11. looks flame and very healthy....so healthy looks like they are draining the life outta the shyt nearby lol
  12. Looks like a G13 Fem Purple Lady. I have one outside that looks identical. Lots of mold though (northwest). The clone I made from her is doing better under lights but no purple like her momma.
  13. Also, need some advice... will these bloom? They are located in the unfilled parts of the cola.

  14. definitely a sativa,WAY TO TALL to be a indica. and the fan leafs are thin.
  15. id say 8-10 ounces is a bit too optimistic. more around 6 max in my eyes, but more likely four ounces.
  16. that plant looks really nice i have one just like it with some massive cola's like that and there purple. Id let it go another week or two and chop it or chop whats done and let the rest finish. But i could see 4ounces 5 max. enjoy +rep
  17. wow dude I barely recognize those from how they looked in veg....there are many oz there...check out one of the sticky posts on curing....those trichomes look ready....harvest can't be too long now

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