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  1. Hey guys, this is my second try at growing cannabis. The first try was not a success. I had planted 4 plant from seeds and they all turned to be male.
    This time I've germinated 3 seeds and hoping to get at least 1 female!

    I germinated one of them on January 23 and 2 other 1 week later.

    I started with 125 watts cfl and switched to 600 watts hps 5 days ago on the 17.

    I am using Pro Mix BX mixed with about 10% perlite and will be using Dyna-gro Foliage-pro for veg and bloom for flower.

    Here is how they look now on febuary 21.

    The leaves on the biggest one have some small light yellow spot and the tips are burning a little.
    Is it a sign of to much nutrients? I gave her half strength of Foliage-pro twice. Tonight I gave her straight tap water.

    The small plant is a dark green and the leaf are all curly. I don't know what's wrong with her.

    I will be buying a ph tester for the water and a hygrometer real soon.

    Thanks for passing by.


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  2. Today the oldest one is looking real good. Here is how they look now.

    Can't wait to know if I get a female this time.

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  3. My oldest is acting weird every night...

    Here how they look tonight.

    All of them are supposed to be purple bud but one of the smaller plant is of darker green and is stretching less than the 2 other.
    I wonder if it's the same breed.


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    The bud might be purple but you don't even have any bud yet. Even then just becuase a strain can have purple buds doesn't mean it will. Grand daddy purp for instance. 1 of the most famous purples there is. Sometimes the green pheno appears. Its not a guarantee. Do you even know the strain? If it's a bag seed that someone gave you a name, don't trust it.

    You're issues may stem from heat or possible over watering mixed with some nute burn. What's the temps at canopy level? How much and how often are you watering.
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  5. Hi and thanks for you reply.
    I bought the seeds from seedsman and purple bud is the strain.
    For the temperature its hard to tell because I dont have a thermometer.
    It's been 3 days sincères I last watered.

  6. I just checked with a thermometer I had around and the temp is at 79.5 at top of plant.

  7. Temps seem good. How about watering? 3 days doesn't mean anything if the soil stays wet for 3 days. How do you check?

    Even a strain called purple bud could still possibly have a green pheno. I'm not familiar with the strain but it is possible. Either way you don't even have bud yet, so you're going to have to wait and see.

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    Could also be a root bound issue. What size container is that?

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  8. I put my finger in about 1 inch and check if its dry. I also lift the pot and check the weight.

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    The finger in an inch is kind of silly. Top inch might be dry doesn't mean the bottom is. Weight doesn't lie though if you have an idea of what it feels like dry. The rippled leaves are happening to multiple plants correct? There's no way the smaller one is root bound. I'm still thinking either temps or over watering. Do the temps fluctuate much?

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  10. Just let it dry out first then see what happens or get some kelp to purk them up

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  11. The plants are in a big room with the door open. Is it possible that its the problem? Today I have let the door closed and the plant looked a lot better but the temp went up to 86 degrees.

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  12. If you don't have a fan in that room you could be getting hot spots. It looks to me like to much water and maybe some nute burn. I agree with the other guys and let them dry out before you water again. You want the plant to look like it's try to hug the light with its leaves pointing up like out reached arms (like its praying )
  13. Also how's the humidity? It should be around 55% give or take a few
  14. Hey man how's the plants doing?
  15. Hi, sorry I've been busy.
    No real change on the oldest...
    The smallest one is turning yellow I guess its due to too much heat...
    The other one is not stretching has much and is bushier. It's a darker green but the leafs are looking like curlyish...
    I didn't water them since... still waiting on them to dry out.
    Today I'll try to go get a hygrometer at home depot.

    anyway here are some pictures.



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  16. I went and bought a temp and humidity meter at home depot.
    Wow the humidity is below 20%!!
    What should I do? I have no humidifier...
    Should I mist the plan daily?


  17. That will help, maybe place a bowl of water in there.
  18. I wouldn't mist unless you have good air circulation or you'll get either sun spots or mildew. Just buy a humidifier and save yourself the hassle, they're like $30 at Walmart.

    The yellowing plants needs a bigger pot, and the Promix has very little nutrients in it so you'll need a better nutrient regiment than plain old Dyna-Gro. For starters up the Foliage dosage to 10ml per gallon and add some epsom salts for the magnesium. Then go to your local HD, Lowes, Rona or Peavey Mart and look for Barely Pond Clearer, it contains enyzmes that will benefit your plants root systems and prevent rot.

  19. Thanks!
    I just transplanted the yellowing plant to a bigger pot. The plant wasn't root bound...
    I have bought a humidifier and will install it shortly.
    I have topped my oldest plant and cloned it to sex it... I've put it under 100w cfl for 12-12.

    About the barley pond clarifier... is that it?


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