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  1. So i've been growing for a couple years now but have never tried any breeding untill now... I've been keeping a couple strains around by cloning, one of which is the dankest bubbly smelling pheno of nirvana's bubblicious, but occasionally i get some new seeds and throw in a couple new ones, just for variety. Well i ended up with one Purple #1 seed from dutch passion which after growin and flowerin turned out to be some bomb ass sativa, but also a hermie...i'm assuming a genetic hermie because none of my other plants have ever hermied due to stress... so to keep the story short i took it out and grew it seperate, but took some pollen and pollenated two of my bubblicious girls... ended up with about 30 nice seeds.... Now i guess i'm just wondering if all my seeds will just be hermie-fied??? I dont know much about genitic/stressed hermies and not really sure what i actually am gonna end up with.... Am i way off base here or could i possibly have some viable Purplicious seeds.?.?.?
  2. I think they will have about a 25% hermie rate best to go with a pure male and female I assume, but I'm not really educated on breeding and I've only did it once
  3. Post this in the cannabis breeding section you'd get more answers its under advanced growing techniques
  4. I am far from experienced but very interested.
    From what I've read about fem seeds and how there produced, what you've explained is pretty much what the breeders do. So I think you will have several different pheno types and what they call an unstable strain. Some should cross and some should be mother or father(plant pollen came from) dominate.

    Good luck bro....V
  5. I'm not sure on breeding but from what I do know you need to run many many generations and do some form of back breeding to get a stable pheno
  6. Thx man...Yeah i've been doin some research as well and i did make fem'd seeds.... Now to plant my lil ones and pick the best pheno of the bunch and clone the crap out of it lol... hopefully i get 1 or 2 about 75% bubblicious and 25% purple, pretty much a purple bubblicious....... I'll post pictures up when do it, they're still seeds now so it'll be awhile....we'll see (fingers crossed) lol.....
  7. Cool bro like I said I'm very interested I'll follow the grow thread if you start one and want to let me know the title.

    I also know a guy, a good friend that's playing around too, he had a chem dog herm and it pollinated a few strains, p express & purple kush among others. He's growing several of the pineapple exs and says they have a couple different looks.
    I'm also doing 2 death star seeds I acquired from a 20$ a gram half from the dispensery 4 seeds in total I got 3 a friend got 1 I popped 2 and there a lil different. I'll add a pick of the 2 side by side.

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