Purple #1 x Bubblicious..??..??

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by crzayboy420, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. So i've been growing for a couple years now but have never tried any breeding untill now... I've been keeping a couple strains around by cloning one of which is the dankest bubbly smelling pheno of nirvana's bubblicious, but occasionally i get some new seeds and throw in a couple new ones, just for variety. Well i ended up with one Purple #1 seed from dutch passion which after growin and flowerin turned out to be some bomb ass sativa, but also a hermie...i'm assuming a genetic hermie because none of my other plants have ever hermied due to stress... so to keep the story short i took it out and grew it seperate, but took some pollen and pollenated two of my bubblicious girls... ended up with about 30 nice seeds.... Now i guess i'm just wondering if all my seeds will just be hermie-fied??? I dont know much about genitic/stressed hermies and not really sure what i actually am gonna end up with.... Am i way off base here or could i possibly have some viable Purplicious seeds.?.?.?
  2. If you crossed the hermie with a healthy plant, I wouldn't worry about all your seeds being hermies. Maybe some, maybe up to half.

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