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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ac3adt, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. If weed has purple in it does that necessarily mean it is really good bud? Or is it like a factor of growth? I think I heard something about cold temps make it purple, and I've also heard that purple=dankk. So what's the deal GC?
  2. Not at all. It could mean a nutrient deficiency, temperature issues, mold, rot, etc.

    But yes, some really dank weed is purple.

    Here is a recent shot of some purple, from my pickup thread:


    Whether or not it was a temp issue, that is a good purple.

  3. I believe it's the way it's grown, but may also have to do with the particular strain's genetics. It doesn't mean it's good bud, you can have purple shwagg.
  4. if it is purple it will most likely taste delicious
  5. ya my plants leaves turned puprle before i cut em this year. (the buds purple to). its from the cold
  6. This is true for the "good" purples (not moldy purple, lol). It does have a distinct taste it seems.
  7. It looks amazing too, I once saw some NZ bud that was super dark purple, almost black looking but it wasn't mold or anything.
  8. just got some purps, and its from the cold weather I recently found out, also from potassium deficiency, which is what the cold weather does, or so I read
  9. Alright cool, thanks guys. My dealer told me it was "headband". He coulda been trying to spice it up since it has purple, but it is actually a really nice high, it's quite tasty, and damn it's a smooth hit.
  10. Yeah, Some growers will give their weed "frostbite" in order to get their buds to look purple.
  11. I heard it's most likely black mold that just looks purple. Send it to me for proper inspection and cleaning.
  12. Purp is usually dank but not all the time, ive gotten purp before that I was really excited to smoke but didnt make me any higher than any other weed(that I could tell). But last week I got some legit purple haze and let me tell you that was amazing! haha
  13. No, same for 'haze' or 'kush'. Can be very potent when grown properly, but when it's not, it's not.
  14. I copped a dub of some mids the other day and it was all one nug. Pretty light green, had a good amount of hairs and crystals but it was bricked, like his bud always is. I cracked if open and there were a few small patches of purple.

    Couldn't really tell you how high I got as Lucy was having her way with me at the time and I can never really tell lol.
  15. It was weird because whenever I've copped Purp before even if there is green on the nug, it's usually dark green. But this was a really light green.
  16. it looks amazing . i love it
  17. Thanks for the input guys! I'm pretty sure what I got was legit stuff (especially since I smoked it lol).. Anyway I was just curious on the purple thing cause my dealer kept saying it like it automatically meant it was dank. I really wanted to tell him that it could have to do with the cold and shove it up his know it all ass. Ill throw a picture of it up later if I get the chance
  18. here are some pictures of my pick-up.. lemme know what yall think!

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