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  1. Hey guys, found a bean in a bag of purple kush. It has been a SUPER slow growing plant, but it turns out the clones of it are THRIVING and take root super, super fast.

    Anyone know why the initial plant is so slow growing? Also, I am having a bit of an uneasy feeling when sexing it. I think I see pistils, but I feel like it should be too soon to tell sex.

    Heres some pictures of it, and one of it next to a clone i took a few weeks ago. It's almost as big as mommy!(hopefully mommy.)

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  2. How old is it? I don't see any signs yet...I'll look a little closer.
  3. Hasn't been flowering for too long, but I honestly have no idea of the age. I'm running 6 strains and trying to clone them all right now and its just kinda a mess! hah
  4. If you have it flowering, under 12/12 light sched, then I think it should show signs of sex within a couple weeks. How long you been flowering?
  5. Like I said, no idea when I stuck it in the flowering closet. Pry hasn't even been a week. Guess we give it some time =]
  6. Alright, any signs yet?! I still cannot tell. its been over a week. I am fearing...shes a he.

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  7. She does look like a he, but i really cant tell from the picture all that well!

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  8. If you dont see white pistils at 2 weeks then it's a male..
  9. Wait just a minute! This thing has been super, super slow to grow. The clones I took off of her are already a few inches taller than she is. I say she, because I think... i found a pistil! 

    Is it!? Is it?!


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  10. Took another picture through my loupe.. I REALLY hope this is a girl. I want the genetics! The clones have grown at literally 5 times the speed of the initial seed!

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    that's a female for sure..
    that whole not seeing pistils after 2 weeks and it being a male is nonsense by the way..
  12. ya ya ^^ like mentioned def a lady and solid pic...pk can grow a lil slow no worries tho if the cuttings are growing fast you'll be happy...great night time!!
  13. Thank you! Nice to hear someone like you say so.

    I'm guessing the little thing's that I was thinking were starting to be seed pods, are actually the spot where the pistils come from. Would this be the first calayx? 

    I am so excited! 
  14. Just a heads up. the plant in the yellow container looks like it's suffering either from over watering or over fertilization.
  15. That was the pk, it looks so goofy because I've been experimenting with smaller plants and hanging them directly off my hood. I keep a fan blowing on them constantly. I had a schwag seed that EXPLODED with growth when I did it, the pk didn't like it as much. It's all sideways like that because it turnt up twords the light, but it's such a slow grower that I probably did over water her a bit.

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