Pure white bud growth. Normal?

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  1. Hey blades! I've got a romulan going at 4.5weeks into flower and the new growth close to the lights is growing nearly solid white!!!

    I'm blooming her in a bar fridge with four 43w cfl's and a ~70w led panel I made (5 spectrum 3w chips)

    She's in coco, was using sensibloom but the ph perfect crap was not agreeing with my coco so I grabbed some super tea at my local store just to finish her off.

    Anyways have a look at the pics an let me know what you think. Have you seen growth like this? It's not burnt, is it just because I have good light in the fridge with the recent led addition?

    Sorry I have crappy camera for these shots

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  2. Damn that's going to be dank
  3. i had that too. i think thats light bleach.
  4. It only started after I moved the lift higher lol
  5. I think it's light bleach too. Remember plants don't show side effects from grow issues instantly. It could have been because the light was too close before moving them up.

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