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Pure THC gold capsules

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by s0calt0ker, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Picked up a bottle of these 25 mg pure THC Gold capsules (posted in my thread as well)

    "Pure gold consists only pure cannabinoids refined from hash oil.Pure gold is not an "oil". Hash oils typically contain 40-60% contaminants that include solvents, pigments,waxes, tars etc. Pure Gold is made with a complex but natural scientific process that uses high heat, frigid cold and pressure to remove the hash oil contaminants.... To this we add 5% Limonene a natural terpene in cannabis."
    Each one of these capsules contains 25 mg of THC and NO plant matter.
    Thc gold is
    74.45% THC
    2.91% CBD
    2.76% CBN
    12.11% Other Cannabinoids

    ( have more info if anyone is interested)


  2. That is insane! How is the high?
  3. From where and how much and how do you know you got what the label says?
  4. Took one about an hour ago and im extremely medicated already with a high tolerance.
  5. May i ask what you paid for this? An answer by pm would work too. great pickup!
  6. My work, it cost me 45 dollars for 8 25mg capsules. They make 10 mg (i believe 10) capsules as well. And well you dont but Alto Pharms has been making "pure gold" for a little while now and are very popular in most collectives down in southern california.:smoke:
  7. is that the normal selling price? 45 dollars? if so thats a bangin deal. i hope these make it to some WA collectives. do u know any?
  8. that pill has my mattress written all over it.

    how much was it for 8?
  9. Yeah I payed full for these today but most collectives have them for 50 dollars a bottle of 25 mg capsules. I'll get back to you about if these are anywhere other than california.
  10. is 'extremely medicated' nice for "high as fucking shitballs"?
  11. :laughing::laughing::laughing: Well put:smoke:
  12. if that says what that is that s*** is priceless, thats prices way less than any A+++ hash ever, and that s*** seems it would lay u down instantly, and the way its made up they spent a pretty penny making it and its that price cuz, i call horse s***! no disrespect but i just cant fathem this cuz, keep smoking stay green and keep ur mouth shut and ur trap open :cool:
  13. YES!!! Medicine is evolving!!!
  14. where can u buy these
  15. Call bs all you want but i assure you it is what it says. Every thc gold bottle comes with a info sheet, ill take a picture another time and upload it here. These things sell extremely fast, and are all over here so I'm sure the company that is making them makes more than they need. There is zero plant matter in these as i can see right through the capsules.Not many edibles get me high, except for the hubby bars which I love (***caution-dank-pictures***-51.html) and these things already left me extremely satisfied.

    California is the only state i know that has pure gold that i know of.:smoke:
  16. these look greatt,
    cant wait till the day I can pick these up from Wal-Mart
  17. One day, one day
  18. That is awesome man!! I wish I could find capsules like that around where I am. I have always wondered what they were like. I may have to keep my eyes out for something like this.

    I believe the scientific process is called "super critical extraction". It uses a CO2 extraction instead of a butane extraction. (SOMEBODY CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG)The oil I get here is SCO, or super critical oil, and it is very clean and tasty. It's some of the purest I've had without stepping into earwax. The oils are strain specific and tests out anywhere from 56-89% THC content from Full Spectrum in Denver.

    Have fun with those man!! :smoking::smoking:
  19. just sounds like the pinnacle of what medical cannabis is striving for. what a great way for someone to medicate. no smoke or vapor, and no terrible aftertaste of poorly made edibles..... win :wave:

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