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Pure sativas are bad

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Michael, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Im having a really bad trip off this sativa...

    When I smoke indicas like grand daddy purp and purple kush, I feel fine, smarter, preform better on tests & can drive communicate normal

    When im on this pure sativa, I feel like videogame vision and tweaking
  2. I get the same way I trip on sativa. It makes me super twitchy too.
  3. same for me. It's the CBD that makes the high calm, relaxing and enjoyable. The kush strains seem to have great genetics...High THC along with Good amounts of CBD.
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    Completely agree, salivas make me feel like I'm tweaking out and mess with the way everything looks, same way I feel when I vaporize through my bong. Don't dislike it though, just a different high.
  5. Can also make me fell nauseous. The trick for me is to start out easy. Too much too fast freaks me out.
  6. How do I get rid of this high? Im tweaking like crazy, never smoking pure sativa again
  7. Getting a sativa tomorrow :) so excited. I love em personally haha
  8. Yea I agree somewhat also. They can be great when you're in the mood, and expecting the sativa effects, but a lot of times I want to relax when I smoke. Sativas can feel almost speedy at times and it can be really unpleasant.
  9. I love a good sativa personally.
  10. Yea sometimes sativas are overwhelming.

    Snaps fix that problem though
  11. ^help
  12. drink a bunch of orange juice or take vitamin c. it will bring u right down
  13. I way prefer a sativa over indica, any day of the week.
  14. Rip a bong of indica, quick!!!
  15. This. lol it should do the trick

  16. Watch something. I like to watch outer space stuff that I find fascinating. Listen to your current favorite song. Close you eyes and imaging being in a large meadow with the sun on your face and a breeze at your back, breath in from your nose and out your mouth. Remind yourself you are fine and just relax/enjoy.
  17. the fuck... tweaking.... okay let's get off the crack rock and stop trippin. it's just a more uplifting high as opposed to couchlock-ey.
  18. This. :cool:
  19. lol after smoking tons of spice i have come to crave that feeling of tripping basketballs that sativas give, love them. quit spice because its fucking evil though
  20. Fuck that shit...

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