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Pure Power Plant?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by camram, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. More info on the less popular strains would be good. Anyone hear of Pure Power Plant or just Power Plant? IMO, this sative-dominant strain is on the mild side as far as uplifting, sneaks up on you and comedown is a little euphoric. Sometimes I prefer the comedowns where instantly you feel not high.

    The research I did find tells me this is a high yielder so people should have tried this.
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    google's awesome
  3. I've had it, you described it pretty well. It was just uplifting for me, pretty long lasting too. But it didn't get me stoned and I like to be stoned. :p
  4. Alright man, do you really need to be like that about it? I already used Google and obviously my PPP is sativa-dominant and not indica.
  5. I was just stating
    and it is! :D
  6. I'll take the stoned effect over feeling euphoric. Sometimes I feel like I am Russell Crowe in Gladiator having a vision with these euphoric strains. Blackjack does that euphoric thing, too.
  7. ppp from nirvana is a killer strain. always a high yeilder for me personally. i tried to post pic on your thread but its saying that ive already posted the pictures once before. check out some of my threads and theres a bunch of pics of vegging ppp, flowering ppp, drying ppp and cured ppp. Enjoi
  8. Is PPP like a value strain? I say this because I hear it's a high yielder but it's not winning any awards so you cannot say it's 'top shelf'.
  9. I recently picked up some Power Skunk which is [NL #5 x Skunk #1 x Power Plant] ,it smelled so fruity. It was definitely one of the best strains I've came across in a long while.
  10. I think most good genetics can be top shelf or mid shelf or bottom shelf, just depends on how they're grown.

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