Pure DXM?

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  1. I got 3 capsules filled with pure DXM this weekend. I watched my friend take 3 of them on Friday and he tripped pretty hard, but the problem is he is very very big (like 5'10 250 LBs). Based on research I've done, the effects you get from DXM are directly associated with how big you are.

    My other friend who is about my size (5'7 135 LBs) took 2 and had a horrible trip, he took them by himself in his room and he was throwing up all night and couldn't stop itching and his whole body was burning up. Since I'm not sure on how many Mgs are in each capsule it is hard for me to figure out how many I should take. Any advise?
  2. well if theyre for rec. purposes you should probably start with one. im assuming each cap has the rec. dose
  3. Each probably has the recreational dose, me and my friends get it from a guy who knows a chemist so he makes him all sorts of drugs.
  4. then just take one and see how it goes from there
  5. Will do, im about to take it now. I'll report back on what happens.
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    You don't need to be a chemist to extract DXM from cough syrup. It's actually quite easy and can be done with a few household supplies.

    Also, I have no clue why your one friend was throwing up, but pure DXM (unlike the cough syrup) doesn't cause stomach problems or nausea when ingested.

    Therefore, he was probably having a bad trip, which lead to the nausea or a panic attack, which lead to him puking. At least, this is my guess just from knowing that pure DXM rarely (if it all) causes an upset stomach.

    Take one, wait an hour and a half, and then take another one if you aren't where you want to be.
  7. I'm not sure why he threw up, he just told me he got really really sick. The first thing he felt was his body was just getting really warm and every time he would touch his skin it would hurt. He was very itchy too but just couldn't itch because of the pain. My guess would be that he threw up because his body went into shock of some sort and was trying to reject the drug.

    I took my first capsule at 10 so its only been 30 minutes or so. I'm about to smoke a bowl right now because im a little jittery and excited. Hopefully that will calm me down until I start to feel the DXM. Any advise on what I should do when I start tripping?
  8. Get a good playlist going.

    Music is amazing.

    Try to take a walk if you can.

    If not, just kick back and relax.. Maybe watch a movie or something.

    Check out Erowid's DXM FAQ for some ideas (it has a section that lists good things to do):

  9. Thanks GP, I'll take those into consideration. I'm starting to feel it coming on now (at least I think). Kind of a dazed and confused feeling. I'll update as the trip continues.
  10. how you feelin?
  11. Related question: when you're taking the syrup instead of capsules, about how much (on average) do you take? That is, bottles, cups, whatever?
  12. im just sitting here now just lisining to no quarter by led zepelin. all can say is i freaking love this drug. im not sure if its the music or the drug but the combination just makes a kick ass euphoria. its also really hard to type and or think clearly (everyting seems hazy and disillusioned) so if im fucking up on my grammar your going to have to forgive me (im using spell check for like every other word lol).

    also plus rep to both of you for the great advice. ill try to keep posting updates but im kinda nodding of into the music.
  13. Yeah if you get lemon drops take only one unless you're very large. They have always been the perfect recreational dose for me. Euphoria and dissociation with minimal nausea. :cool:
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    sweet you know a chemist.... dude hook me up i live in nj too. we're mad close

    btw backwardsmaker 1-2 4oz bottles will get you going. make sure there are no other active ingredients and also get a chaser lol. 2 will have you trippin and 1-1/2 is a nice high. that's just me, i weigh 190

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