Pure Blend Pro and soil.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by blotto, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. I grow in soil and always used nutes i could get at Walmart or Home depot. A friend gave me the three pack of Pure Blend Pro, but i see it's for hydro. Can i still use it and if so what concentration do you think i should use? Thanks.
  2. There is a variant of PBP Grow that is supposed to be used with soil/coco and one that is specifically for hydro. I don't know what the specific difference is, but I didn't really see a difference when comparing the labels. PBP Bloom says that it's for soil, coco, and hydro so no worries at all on that one.

    I saw several posts here at GC stating that you don't need to use Grow at all because the Bloom formula contains sufficient nitrogen. Possibly they meant for hydro, but that was not my experience at all in soil. I started getting yellow leaves using Bloom during veg. I went out and picked up some PBP Grow and all was well. This is really some great stuff and very easy to use.

    One other recommendation though. You will probably need to invest in some Cal-Mag as well. Neither formula contains enough magnesium and I started getting the look of mag deficiency pretty quickly before I started using it. Now I use Cal-Mag every time that I water (usually every 5 days) even if I don't need to feed for that watering. I'll probably stop doing that now though because I'm going into 3rd week of flower and I think they probably will do fine until harvest. The girls look great. I'm really sold on this Botanicare stuff :)
  3. Thanks guys.
  4. My PBP bloom bottle has instructions for soil on it, so I am to assume you can use it in soil also.
  5. What nutes do u use?
  6. Yeah, PBP Bloom appears to be fine with anything. My PBP Grow bottle says Soil/Coco so I guess the difference, if there is one, is only for PBP Grow. I compared the labels for the Soil/Coco formula and the bottle that says for Hydro when I was in the shop, but I didn't see anything really different between the two. Anybody know?

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