Purchasing from SSFG?

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  1. Hey GC, I've recently been interested in the 'modern' bowls of today (particularly the ice pinch slides and the disc diffused slides), and decided to look into purchasing a few. I came across an awesome slide while surfing the Soul Shine Family Glass webpage:

    Here's SSFG's worked disc diffused:


    So my questions are: What does everyone think of the slide above? And has anybody purchased from SSFG before? Suggestions for other bowls/brands will help as well.

    All and any input is appreciated!!! :hello:
  2. I've read only positive things about SSFG. Enjoy!
  3. Depending on price that is a good slide.
  4. soul shine is top notch
  5. the slide above is listed at 40-45$
  6. I would say 40 is a decent price.
  7. better grab it b4 i do ;)
  8. i want that fucking bowl. i want it in green yellow and red tho. with black.
    that would be sick .

  9. Agreeeed, hah

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