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  1. $100-170 is my price range.


  2. I got the Vaporite Nano last summer off ebay for $80 (including grinder and shipping). Everyone says those are cheap vape's made in china that always break but mine still works fine. Its not a volcano but its $80.

  3. LaunchBox for portability
    Da Buddha for thick, bong like rips
    Purple Days Pandora (DIY Kit) for efficiency
    MyrtleZap for efficiency
  4. if you want a good box style whip vape, i would check out the vaporbros hands free vaporizer...i have had one for over 6 months now and i have absolutely no complaints...the thing rips, got it fast with free shipping, and have saved tonnns of bud...not to mention it falls right in your price range!! if you want a good site to get it off of or to check it out pm me and ill send you the link...im ctually buying another one shortly as an anniversary present to my girl for while she is away at school :smoke:...also...most likely someone is gunn come in here and say rawr raawr vaporbros has a contaminated air supply and a huge angle on the heating element where bud fall into the heating element...these concerns are both not valid because the dust you *may* breathe in from the bottom of the unit is the same dust youll beath in just walking down the street and i have never had a problem with bud falling onto the heating element...if you know how to pack it it is not an issue...if you wanna know more about it feel free to pm
  5. Hmm
    Da Buddah
    Extreme Q

    which of the above?

  6. The Q and the HA are both above your price range that you stated in your original post. So, now, what is your price range?
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    Around $150 (going thru ebay prolly also)

  8. with $150 you can get..

    a vapor bros that isn't handfreee
    or a magic flight launch box.
  9. If you can raise a Bit more Scratch, then this one Rocks.

    I just got her bout a month ago, and I am Very pleased with this unit.

    Cheers n a Puff .. .. :smoke:

  10. V-tower digital on ebay for $140.. thoughts? :smoke:
  11. Sounds like a deal.

    Is it New, for a fact. Personally I would buy New from the store *( Head shop ) ..

  12. Yeah it is new.
    But for like $20 more I could get the newer model the EQV.. almost seems like a dumb choice to NOT wait.

    So I raised my price range, lol.

    It is now between these 3:
    Extreme Q
    HerbalAire 2.1
    Da Buddah

    Thoughts? They all range from 160-190 on ebay.

  13. Da Buddha does whips better than either the Q or the HA.
    The HA is more efficient than the Q
    The Q has more things to play around with like a digital readout and a remote.

    Being that I have done bags and really only like them in party situations, I would get the Buddha.
  14. If I had ta get new again, .. For sure I would choose this,

    The Extreme-Q Vaporizer w/ Remote Control - v.3

  15. Interesting. Thanks for your input.
    I like having the bag option so it looks like I am leaning towards the HA (165 on ebay) not too shabby.


    HA- 1
    EQ- 1
    more opinions GC!
  16. will this be your first vaporizer?
  17. Yes. Never even tried one personally but from all the reviews, etc. I have read it seems like the smart thing to get. I mean I was pondering on getting a bong instead in this price range.. but that will be for another day. :hello:
  18. Sweet, try and find/meet some friends who are stoners..see if any of them have a vaporizer and ask to try it one day, find out what you like and what suits your needs. I know people who just chill with bags, and i know people who just chill with whips and all between.Just gotta find what gets you ripped right.
    you don't want us to choose for you..cause you might end up with a unit you don't like lol.

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