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  1. Anyone else like to listen to punk? My favorite bands to smoke to are GISM, Dead Kennedys, Zounds, and Stiff Little Fingers.

    If you haven't heard any of those, I would highly recommend them cause they are musically talented and very fun.
  2. Backside, Menace, Cocksparrer, Antidote, fuck i gotta go my homie is rollin a blunt! I'll post more lata'!
  3. Cock Sparrer and Antidote are two of my favorites. :D
  4. YERP! YERP!

    some of my faves would have to GISM, Reagan Youth, Bad Brains, Void, Los Crudos, The Beasties, Cro-Mags, False Prophets, !Action Pact!, Minor Threat, Bikini Kill and tons o other grooves.
  5. Dead Kennedys, LARD, The Misfits, Black Flag, U.S. Bombs, New York Dolls...
  6. I now have a crush on you. Will you marry me?
  7. I think that could be arranged :ey:
  8. NoFX, TSOL, SubHumans, The Dead Boys, Teen Idles, Circle Jerks, The Adolescents, The Restarts, The Unseen, The DAMNED!
  9. Minor Threat, Cheap Sex, Dead Kennedys, A Global Threat, Rancid, The Unseen, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards, NoFX, and the list does on and on. I don't listen to them as much as I used to, but I'm always going to be a punk at heart.
  10. You might be scared of my rap battle thread but don't I'm a full blown out punk.

    Crazy huh?

    I listen to some MSI, Agnostic front, suicidial tendencies.
  11. suicidal tendencies first album is righteous.
  12. Iv seen to many to name them all. But yes I love punk:wave:

    In my teenage years id walk 4 hours to go to a show, my parents didnt enjoy my musical taste, or the constantly changing color mohawks. So asking them for a ride was out of the question.
    Ah to be young and not a care in the world:D

  13. Rise Against and Transplants.. good stuff
  14. I'm going to Cracktoberfest LA this monday, Leftover Crack AND Toxic Narcotic.

  15. HELL YEAH!

    I missed the last Subhumans show, though:(.

    ^Yeah I'm hopin Toxic Narcotic comes around this way, already seen LoC so I'm not too hyped for them, I like their old stuff anyway, they are turning mor and more into morning glory imo.
  16. ....I'm not sure if I can agree with that, but I wouldn't mind, Morning Glory are dope.
  17. i have to do a little thread necromacy but...
    yes, for sure!

    but I mostly listen to 80's French punk and Oi! like Komintern Sect, Camera Silens, or the more recent Paris Violence, or the unforgettable Béruriers Noirs

    ohh and was forgetting Métal Urbain... shame on me. lol
    and some british Oi! and the local bands i guess.

    edit: pfft just noticed i revived a thread while there was one... so much for being stoned and drunk ^^
  18. yep, i listen to punk:

    bouncing souls, anti-flag, the descendants, hot water music, black flag, opp ivy etc etc

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