punk kids

Discussion in 'General' started by gone fishin, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. anyone else really annoyed by them...

    by punk kids i mean the ones who try to act like their the best thing walkin, they smoke the best weed, normally they try to fuck with people who actually do something with their lives...whiggers can be punk kids too, and vice versa

    it seems i cant even ride around in my truck playing wu-tang, lost boyz, or anything without an integra, civic, or the such trying to blast my sounds out...i dont even listen to it that loud...

    if im at a red light they always wanna race me....i drive a big ass nissan titan with the full cab...i also live in a really backwoods area, roads aint to great or wide enoough for me and a civic to race around....

    anyone else just want to get out the car, and slap them till they realize their car sounds like a broken electric can opener, and their speakers are being pushed wayyy farther making the sound crappy...???
  2. Sounds to me like you're just hatin.
  3. no
    let em embarrass their selves. the only gal a 'punk guy' can pick up is a 'punk bitch', which USUALLY isnt anything pretty, while non punk ladies see that punk boys are just immature and stupid. so, in the end, they dont really effect me, they're not taking the pretty ladies, they're not hurting me,(they may say they'll 'beat yo ass', but rarely does it happen) the only thing they do is embarass themselves like i stated erlier. who cares 'bout em? its like when you see some freak at a concert or something, ya just think to yourself wow, i'd feel so stupid looking like that....i almost feel bad for them
  4. Think about it like this: what is getting annoyed by it going to do? Nothing. So why get annoyed, why get mad? Just let them be them and you concentrate on being you.
  5. Dude, i dont know about you, but ive seen some pretty fly lookin punk girls. its rare, but its there.
  6. i get what your saying, but the fact is, i dont want to listen to their music, and i dont want to hear their car whining....around here their almost always under 18, listen to horrible music, and beg you to buy the blunts and 40s...

    as for "hatin" on them...why would i hate on that...i just dont see the point of being obnoxious (spelling, i cant spell for poo) on the road...
  7. yea bliz thats why i said 'USUALLY' in capital letters, there's always a few different than the normal 'stereotype'
  8. i dont mean punk like punk music...i mean the ones who act hard, not the music scene...i mean no respect to anyone, and pretty ignorant...
  9. Same. Drankin that Haterade.
  10. QFT. :)
  11. Haha punk chiks are the best man. They'll down a 40 wit ya. And not to mention the sex.:D
  12. i think your just frustrated with the numbers of retards out there. it doesnt matter what kind of social caste a person belongs to, they are all possibly retarded

  13. Nah they hatin'.
  14. haha i hate kids like that, but i'm sure older people consider me a "punk"
  15. im a punk, your a punk, and hes a punk. In someones eyes, we are all punks.

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