punishment in your town for bud?

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  1. what's the punishment where you're from (if any) for having bud?

    in North Dakota in my county having under a ounce is punishable by a misdemeanor with up to a $2,000 fine and/or up to 30 days in jail.
  2. I have no idea because I've either been smart enough or lucky enough to have never gotten caught. However, since I live in what I consider to be THE MOST FRIGGIN CONSERVATIVE STATE IN THE UNION, I would think it would probably be something like life in prison. Stupid politicians!! TWW
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  3. A cop saying "Hey don't do that and be safe." That is it. Live in a very interesting county. Had a friend that bought a pound with his buds. They were smoking and a cop popped up out of nowhere and was like "Hey, what are you kids doing?" They froze and he then says "have you seen this man" shake heads no" ok you boys be safe." Lmao. He was new to the area and thought he was fucked. I smoke joints every break out in the open. I don't blow it in a cops face and rather keep my distance.

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  4. Im in NYC right now, and I think it is lax. Well compared to my home state, Virginia. VA is super anal about weed. Our county police busted like 20 different people for drugs and dealing, all like in their early 20s and it was on the news....like wtf really? Some were minors but to them it was like a huge bust.

    NYC is chill, I think your first possession charge under 24 grams is is just a ticket, not an actual criminal charge. But after that it's a misdemeanor I believe
  5. If you get caught smoking while driving it might be an issue, but I doubt they'd give you a ticket unless you were slangin. I know someone who got caught with a huge grow and only got a small fine, and that was 3 years ago I doubt they'd even give the fine at this point.
  6. no criminal penalty, max fine of $150 for 1/2 ounce.

    1/2 - 4 oz is a misdemeanor and $1,000 max fine.

    in practice i don't think it's that much of a priority. i was tailgating at a comedy festival last year and everyone was smoking weed with the city police walking around, they didn't seem to mind.
  7. civil violation for possession of usable amount, or less than 2.5oz, gets a fine of $350 and court fees.
  8. I'm really not sure what the laws in FL are. I've always been lucky enough or knew enough people that the cops just kind of always left me alone. I'm very grateful for that. There have been times when I got pulled over a little drunk with bud on me and the cop comes up and is like, "Oh, hey MileeSquirts! Long time no see! How are you?" lol so that works well.
  9. In FL, the govt is currently trying to pass a law that states anything less than 20 g's is a fine... Not jail time. Currently tho, it is still enough to get u thrown in jail
  10. Anything less than 28g is an infraction and $100 fine.
  11. police dont give a fuck and know if they try to arrest anyone they will not catch them or get thrown about so they dont do much. they confiscate weed sometimes but it never really goes back to the police, lots of them dont like their job and take a little weed out of it for themselves haha
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  12. I am not really sure what the laws in this state are..i'm not from here
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  13. The cops around here don't give a fuck about weed. But if you do get busted anything under 1.5 ounces is a $200 ticket. That's all

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  14. 21 and over .......oz is legal

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  15. They take you in the woods and shag you.

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  16. In my state, it's a ticket and a $250 fine, or up to 45 days in jail if they just really want to fuck you. In my town, there are no cops, so unless a sheriff's deputy catches you doing something stupid while driving, you're good.
  17. I live in in Greeley and they put you on probation and mandatory drug groups..
  18. I don't know and i don't plan on finding out.
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  19. You go to fucking jail here bro bond is 3000 lol but only if your in the ritzy area normal areas ticket

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