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Pulp Fiction and 4:20 urban myth

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stoned_soldier, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. I just want to get one thing straight. Not ALL of the clocks in Pulp Fiction are set to 4:20. There are some that are especially the big pile of clocks leading down the stairs in the hillbilly's pawn shop. But even some of them aren't. There's also Butch's father's watch was not set to 4:20. If you look closely it's set to 12:00 but tilted at the angle that 4:20 would be at. See for yourself.

    I had to get that off my chest. I've seen big websites spreading this myth around and I get pissed everytime I see 'em. The most notable clocks ARE set to 4:20 but please don't say that they all are. Sorry to get technical on your asses but shit's gotta stop.
  2. I like the "whats in the case" myth better. Some say is Marcellis' soul and shit. Pulp Fiction is one of THE greatest movies EVER. I just wish Quentin would make another movie about Jules and Vincent. Because over all their story was the better of the stories.
  3. i really didn't want to go into the brief case thing. i read somewhere that tarantino said that it's whatever you want it to be.. and i don't see how he'd make a sequel with jules out of the picture. a sequel would be just so lame.. that plus vincent is dead.. but hey maybe a prequel.. might not be on the same level though as pulp fiction

  4. i was about to say, they wont be able to make a sequal thats of any good without vincent... and if jules came back (knowing how it ended) that would just contradict his whole personal which is what made him such a badass..

  5. yeah vincent got shot by bruce willis when he was in the bathroom. what a dumbass lol.

    Plus Sam Jackson and Travolta look older so it would be odd.

    Oh yeah, and Jules is out since the divine intervention thing, so tarantino pretty much gave closure all around on that one.

    Did anyone else thing Bruce Willis girl in the movie was very fucking hot?

    The most disturbing part in that movie was the gimp scene. o_O freaky ass mother fuckers.
  6. by far the best movie, whenever its on, it gets watched, i have no idea why, but its just one of the best played out movies ever. a sequel wouldnt work, but then of course, he could always tell the story of the vega brothers, (vincent and i think what was vincent vegas brothers name from res dogs? i would love to see a story about the vega brothers. i am ashamed to admit that i missed kill bill vol 1, but its coming out on the 14th to dvd, so ill be sure to get it. whats this i hear though about them adding deleted scenes from the vol 1 in some sorta special edition deal?

  7. Nah, if it was solid gold bars, it would weigh a TON. Way too much to carry. I think it's cocaine.
  8. Im with luke, I thought it was gold because of the shine. I thought about how heavy it would be then I figured it could be a thin layer with something underneath... :smoking:
  9. ya, it would be a prequel, my bad. But id still like to see it. And as far as Travolta and Jackson looking older... makeup does wonderful things.

    tis true.

    I'd have to say my favorite scene is when Jules and Vincent are at Quentins house (dont remembe rhis characters name).
    The humor during that part is hilarious. But i can't quote it on the board. ;)

  10. a little suitcase like that filled with gold wouldnt weigh THAT much.. you'd still be able to pick it up... why would cocaine have a gold shine on it anyways?
  11. I always liked to imagine that it was a case full of Acapulco Gold.
  12. yeah i only saw one clock in the whol movie, the one where theres a row of clocks going down the stairs.

    Is whats in the suitcase the same thing as what Marcellus through whats his face over the balcony for?

  13. You never really KNOW why Marcellus throws Tony Rocky Horror over the balcony. All you find out is Jules heard it was cuz Tony gave Mia a foot message. Then while talking to Mia, Vincent finds out theres no real explination that she knows of. It's just between Tony and marcellus

  14. Exactly, could it be that it was over what ever is in the suitcase, since they are as unknown as each other...
  15. That's purely speculation.

  16. A gold bar weighs around 20-25 pounds. Lets say you can fit 6x2 20 lb bars (which is a generous estimate) in the suitcase, that'd be 240 lbs, which is way too much too lug around. But yeah, Quintin did say it's not anything specific in the suitcase.

  17. He told any actors that were scripted to look into it that it was "The greatest thing their heart desired." - or something to that effect.

    Bruce Willis said in an interview all that was actually in it was a couple lights, battery, and gold foil.
  18. Discussing "what's in the briefcase" is pointless. Tarintino didn't have anything in particular in mind w/ the briefcase, he intentionally left it unsolvable so people would go nuts trying to figure it our and come up w/ wild theories. At least, that's my opinion.

    And what's with the bright flashes when Marcellus shoots that one guy? Another unsolvable mystery.

    I love watching Tarintino's stuff because you can see how skillful he is at making movies and how much fun he's having at the same time. It's like watching a professional skiier or something who not only makes the impossible look easy, but also makes it look fun.

  19. Theres also bright flashes when Jules and Vincent shoot the kids they get the suitcase from.
  20. Yup. I think that everytime someone gets shot and killed in the movie you can see the bright yellow/gold flash. The same colour that is emitted from the briefcase. That's why some people believe that Marsellus' soul is in the briefcase and that Jules and Vincent are trying to get it back for him.

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