Pulled Over= Unlawful Possession of "Marihuana", look for yourself haha

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  1. Was going up to VT to visit with some friends, got pulled over on the Thruway and got caught with just under a quarter of chronic.. (the cop smelled it and was just like, "this shit staaaanks" :smoke: haha). I also got a speeding ticket, because apparently there is a 55 mph section of the northway that i had no idea existed, i thought the whole thing was 65. anyway, i have court in a month up in colonie about an hour from my house which sucks. I'm not too worried, this is the only thing i've ever been caught with and the cop could have made it worse. he could have given me driving under the influence of weed, and possession of alcohol (i had an unopened bottle of vodka, im under 21), but he just gave me a upm and speeding ticket, i just expect 6 months of acd or maybe a fine nothing too bad.

    anyway, maybe this is old news but since this is my first time getting a upm, i think it's funny as hell how they spelled it "mariHuana". yea. with an h. see for yourself:

  2. Marihuana is how you actually spell it.
  3. from websters, i guess both. still pretty funny.
  4. That's correct, sir.
  5. I think you can spell it either way.
  6. That cops just old-school
  7. lol jokes, when igot caught for trafficking a 'controlled substance' in canada, i got sheets like that but they spell it with a J
  8. I take it Colonie got you?

    I don't live far from there, cops are a pain in the ass over there anyways.
  9. Just the archaic spelling. Nothing to be in a fit about.
  10. haha same shit happened to me.. with the marihuana with the h.. i got my upm in school and they really suck.. i was only 17 at the time so they put me in the out patient rehab and ive had to stay clean for like 2 months now and im not even close to getting out... that upm just fucked you if you need student loans i got the acd and a alot of fines which i didnt even start paying off and the worst part was it was less than 2 grams of some bomb cotton candy..
  11. correct me if im wrong but when i got my upm the da had told me the acod was a minimum of 1 year because of the ganja
  12. same shit happened to me a year ago ...i got 25 hrs community service and put in PTI (Pre Trial Intervention) for a year ...which is basically unsupervised probation for a year ...once i complete the program the charge is dismissed.
  13. Well its probably spelled like that because in the spanish language its marijuana if you pronounce it like that in english it would be 'mare-ee-joo-anna' so you need that H in there. Its funny alot of people dont know marijuana in spanish translates to mary jane.
  14. The word 'marijuana' in itself is funny. I'm not quite sure that word existed in the English language pre-prohibition.
  15. marijuana/marihuana doesn't actually exist
  16. Are any of you who got in trouble from NY? I think the laws are really lax here, like a maximum of a $100 fine for under 25g for first time offenders. Most of my friends just got ACD, rehab is like out of the question I think...

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