Pulled over by a cop - failure to stop for a stop sign

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  1. Hey,

    i havent written one of these yet, so i thought i would share.

    Im currently going to college for accounting, and i blaze a joint in the car after school everyday (as well as throughout the day) but i dont get moving till the joint is done and i got a smoke lit...

    So my school is on a really busy street, and its near impossible to turn left at my spot, so i take a back road... its behind a museum, and is kind of suburbia, but isnt much down there... expect for a bunch of stop signs. Usually when im driving down there, i slow down a bit and do what i call a "stoptional".

    So i just finished my joint in the car, i light a smoke and im on my way. I come to one spot in the road where a stop sign lies at the top of the hill... i say to myself "fuck it!" and decided not to even slow down... as im half way through the intersection i look to my left, and see a cop... i try to hit the breaks, but i knew it was too late, and i cruise through the sign knowing he will pull me over... so im slowly trucking along waiting for it, and sure enough, 30 seconds later the bitches go on.

    as im driving along waiting for him to dryhump me, im clearing my roaches from my gearshift that are convenient placed right in the cops view if he pulls me over.

    so i pull over, and the cop walks over to my window, i put out my cigarette and the conversation goes somethin like this

    Cop: "That wasnt a complete stop back there"
    Me: "yah i know officer, im sorry, i kinda missed it"
    Cop: "Do you have your license, registration and all that good stuff?"
    Me: "Heres my license, i just gotta look for my registration, its in my car somewhere... im not sure where i put it" ... (funny part is, i use my insurance/owners paper folder thing to roll joints on...)
    Cop: "How does your record look?"
    Me: "Oh its good... i had a speeding ticket for 15km/h over about 2 years ago, and that all got paid off... other than that, its clean as a whistle"
    Cop: "Okay, you find that insurance for me, and ill be back"

    So he walks back to his car... i get out of mine and find it lying on the back seat (with some tobacco and pot styll laying on it :smoke:)

    So i decide to walk it over to his car, and i hand it to him...

    Cop: "so where ya headed?"
    Me: "Oh im running late for work, hence why i missed that stop sign"
    Cop: "Okay, where do ya work?"
    Me: " (a local theatre which is right by there main headquarters, we share a parking lot with there courthouse and jailhouse)
    Cop kind of looked suprised and said "Oh? what do you do there?"
    Me: "Im a ticket seller working in the box office, helps me get through my school"
    Cop doesnt say anything, so i threw in a little joke/comment to ease the tension
    "Yah, we got alot of good shows coming up this year, you should check it out"
    he looks at me and smiles... "So what you in school for?"
    "accounting co-op its my second year"
    "hows that going?"
    "good, thanx for asking... just need to pay for those textbooks"

    Basically then tells me to go wait in the car... so i get back to my car, and back it into a driveway cause i was kind of blocking the road...

    Cop walks over to my car, insurance and license in hand... gives it back to me and says

    "Complete stops next time"
    :eek: "Absolutely...Thank you officer, have a good day"

    He gets in his car and peels away...

    All this after i was doing 30km/h through a stop sign, and not even 5 minutes after smoking

    whats the lesson here? Dont act high, dont answer questions yes/no... make him ask you more questions, itll only add to your trusting image

    Story time over... Smoke it folks
  2. sounds like a awesome cop :smoke:
  3. That pimp as shit....that's how you handle it.
  4. Ahh. Yes good ol' Canada.
  5. needless to say... i come to complete stops going down that street now
  6. It's a good lesson, but if a cop wants to pull you over he'll make up anything. The last ticket I got was for 'unsafe lane change' at 1 am with few cars on the road. Jerk cop.
  7. Haha, great story man.
    Great read = +Rep

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