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Pulled a fast one on some dickheads

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by NEEDforWEED, May 29, 2009.

  1. Well once in a while me and my friend goto hid brothers house to just drink and kickback and shit. Well they act like they are such badass stoners like ill talk about this dumpster thats been comin in from clevland and they just denounce it and are like dude have you ever even smoked. THere are all around gay and literally make fun of me becayse i dont cough when i hit there roor. THey think that if you dont cough you dont get high.

    Anyways it was one of those nights again. So we head over to chill like usual. Well the night winds down and everyone starts to get out the bud to goto bed. Well its me my friend T and all his brothers friends J,H and I. Wel they start talking about this dirban poison that they grew and all this bullshit. Well i talk to them and am like wow let me see what this shit looks like. Well they just pull out some shit beasters and are talkin highschool budonics to me about red hairs and shit. Well i know my weed and this shit is not durban poison. This stuff wasnt dense but fluffy and no licorice smell at all just beasters well. They are like dude we will smoke you up youll be so high. Well im not gunna pass up a oppurtunit so they say yeah well go get the bong. So Jand H walk away to the kitchen well i follow to get another beer and notice them packing out of a oregano jar. THis fux are trying to trick me. Well i fuckin wasnt gunna let that happen so i devise a plan and make a quick conversation.

    Me: Hey I wants you real quick idk why
    Them:Ight man grab another beer if you want (Ha i brought them the beer)
    Me:Ha OK man will do

    So i notice the sack of real "durban poison" sitting on the counter so i make a quick switch with the real weed and oregano. So they come back grab the roor and make there way to the couch they say man since you are such a cool dude you can get first hit. I in gratitiude o really thanx i appreciate it. So i rip that fucker like no tommorow and clear the bowl and pull it through. They are like damn man way to noob it up and waste all the weed. I just exhale a thick cloud and smile. Well they get there oregano sack out to pack another bowl and smoke it just them three,

    As the night progresses they act stupidly high. They later call me out like this

    Them:ha ha hey dude how ya feel
    Me; i fell pretty good man durban poison is pretty good
    Them:ha really haha cuz we have a surprise
    Them: ahahahaha bhahahaa lololol dude that was oregano hahaha
    Me:haha well dude i got a surprise man
    Me: i saw you fuckers pak the oregano and switched the bowls so u bitches smoked the spice ahaha
  2. hahaha +rep
  3. There is absolutely no way that three stoners wouldn't be able to tell bud from oregano.

    Not saying your story is BS; just that those dudes are fucking retards. :)
  4. well played sir
  5. Yeah these kids are just after school smokers and id say pretty drunk plus they didnt expect to get tricked
  6. hahaha that sounds funny as shit, they were packing thier own shit thinking they were fucking with you. nice one
  7. And Then what. What happened after that what did thaey say.:smoking:
  8. Ha sorry man i acidently hit enter

    Well they just stared at me in shock and i just got my jacket and drove off
  9. Why do you fuck with these kids if all they do is talk shit and act like badasses? :confused:

    I don't know about you people but when I don't like somebody I don't go to their place of residence.
  10. That is fucking epic man, i hate punks that think they are "badass" when really they are just fucking idiots.

    Well played sir, well played.
  11. im not sure as to the validity of the story, but if its true

    then well played sir! thats some serious pwnage

  12. my thoughts exactly.

    Though onetime i packed a bowl with catnip and told this guy it was weed. To add to the realness of it i put a stem and a seed on top. He was really drunk though, and it was dark.

    but if they PACKED it, they had to notice the difference. I mean, one is all ground up, the other is a nug i would assume.
  13. really my friends fault asks me to chill then takes me over there thats why i jusr decided to leave I didnt tell my friend or anything i just left
  14. hahahahaha, thats fucking awesome. I love fucking with people like that lol
  15. you're a horrible liar dude and it's funny that so many people are giving you props. If I were to break your story up into puzzle pieces and attempt to put the pieces together I would get an unrecognizable picture, lol.
  16. ^^

    Well dude im sorry man i never asked you to beleive it. Im sorry you gert pissed cause i got props i never asked for those either. Looks like you need to find some inner peace like you username suggests
  17. I found .01grams of innerpeace exercising my bullshit detector. That shits useful in life;)
  18. I wouldn't have been able to do that, second I put my mouth on the bong, I'd smell the oregano and start knocking people out. I freaking hate oregano.
  19. Haha, well if this story is indeed true, then thats pretty funny. If someone tried to do that to me, I would have gotten alot more pissed off and kicked their ass and pissed in their bong. Seriously I would not hang out with any of them after something like that.
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    Hahaha. True or not, it made me laugh. Well worth the read. Epic. :smoking:

    And he did pretty much set up the story and let you know up front they were dumb - "if you don't cough, you don't get high - he's not coughing when hitting the roor = nub"

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