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Have you ever puked from smoking pot?

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  1. Have you ever puked from smoking pot?
  2. I've puked once during my short career of weed smoking.

    The only time was Tuesday (Feb 3rd) on the train. I had woken up, smoked with a couple friends at 8 in the morning, then got on a train to go to Boston to see the Pats parade. Unfortunately, either the motions of the train got to me or something, but I puked on the floor right where I was sitting. Oh yeah, and I remember right after I puked, I could actually feel my high stop. Like, the high went with the puke. Weird.

    Another time, about two weeks before, I had woken up and smoked with a friend, and ended up feeling sick as hell for a span of five minutes. I was on the verge of puking, whats the phrase, dry heaving? I was lying on the kid's bathroom floor coldsweating, must have freaked him out.

    Oh, and both times I had smoked the regular stuff my and my friends get. I used my bowl both times too, not like I puked from taking huge bong rips. And this weed isn't bad either, I've had plenty of great highs from this stuff.

    Dunno why I puked, but I'm not gonna attempt to wake'n'bake again for quite some time.
  3. Yup, just once.... well twice within 15 minutes. Got double vision first too, YAY!
  4. on wednesday, it was the first and only time i've puked from pot. I smoked about an 8th to myself, first time i smoked since new years, i was high as fuck feeling great. I ate a muffin but started to feel really woozy so i didnt grab a water bottle, and i just headed to my bathroom and passed out in the sink trying to get water from the faucet, but i couldnt even lift my head. I ended up puking 4-5 times and got all of the muffin out and then some. I rolled into my shower and then rolled out of it onto my bed where is fell asleep at 8pm and woke up at 7am in the morning next day feeling fine..

    worst pot experience i've ever had in my years of smoking...
  5. i havent yet but there was a night when i was so fucked up i started to think i was going to spew, i kept runnng out the back and i started coughing and dry reaching and i had this funny feeling in my chest like i was gonna spew but i actually never did, now that i think about it it could have just been an illusion and me just making myself cough etc etc cause i was so fucked up!! my mates had a great laugh over it cause they knew i wasnt gonna spew. haha
  6. I almost puked 1ce, but i stepped in an ant pile and got the fucking shit bit out of me by fire ants. Then i forgot i had to puke and i kept on smoking...got pretty ripped

  7. ahahah....

    no offense
  8. Never
  9. I did last Thanksgiving, but that was a side effect of the munchies more than the weed itself. My brother and I blazed before Thanksgiving dinner (of course) and I ate a ton, that was all good. But then afterwords we had another large session, and when I got home I ate another Thanksgiving dinner (of course). However I dont remember exactly how much I ended up eating, probably way too much. Passed out on my couch watching a movie, and before I knew it, it was 4am and I was booting it on my bathroom floor. Ick. It was worth it though.
  10. Nope...I have seen friend's do it before, it was kinda weird the first time I saw that.
  11. After smoking mad blunts of some schwaggy shit I've puked. And after smoking quite a bit of champagne in a short period of time, I threw up like crazy. Neither of em really affected me, and I still felt blazed. Just kinda inconvient I guess.
  12. Never puked off mary jane alone, only when I mix it with a large amount of drinking.
  13. i've never puked from weed...though i know two people who have. my cousin smoked a bowl with me and got real sick and puked all over her shirt and in the trashcan (hahaha).

    and i was smoking with some dude that i knew through my ex and we were chillin at the veteran's home and he layed his head down, kept saying how it felt like he was on a rollercoaster (he hardly smokes), and next thing i know he's puking....but what was weird...it was green. well anyway long story short...we got high...laughed at him hysterically for puking...then got drunk.
  14. weed never makes me puke on it's own. but if i'm drunk or too high off something else - like the time i got sick off 6gs of shrooms and 3 big fatties. :p or the tequilia and 3 big fatties......i think i see a trend here. but both times the same guy came over with the js when we were already gone.

    man, i miss that guy. weed was smokes to him - he smoked 3 js in a row every time. :D should look up his #....

    edit may31/04 : smoke a bowl for this murdered soul. we love you big guy
  15. i threw up once but it wasn't from being too stoned... my friend and i were finishing our second bowl i think on the back porch of our friends house. i went to cash the bowl, and he hadn't packed it well obviously because a bit pulled through just as i put the lighter flame on it and i just kind of instantly gagged on the ash for whatever reason and puked just a small amount, probably just enough puke for my body to rid the gross ash from my throat. so then i had to hose off the concrete porch. then we went inside and watched donnie darko.
  16. Ive only puked from drinking alcohol aswell as smoking, i felt sick quite a few times before from smoking though, especially when you eat too many mucnhies.
  17. Never puked but I did come pretty close once when me and 5 friends smoked a couple oz. Smoking actually tends to stop me from puking when I drink.
  18. yea i threw up once- this last thanksgiving, me and my cuz smoked a fat blunt and went to dinner...well we ate like rich fat men! lol i think me and him ate the most, so then after wards i was so full that i had to unbutton my pants, and THEN, out came the desert, and wham there i was eating again, next thing i kno my heads spinning and im puking over my toilet....i recovered by smokin a bowl and eating some more turkey (since everything was pretty much outta me)
  19. ive never puked from anything really... or maybe i just dont remember it :p I cam really close once... a friend was having a party out in this really nice like garage thing (it was almost like a house) but anyway we went up in this loft thing abovew the main party and smoked like 20 bowls. The whole loft was all smoky and u had to walk slow so u wouldnt run into anything. I almost puked but walked outside and the fresh air revived me.. lol there were already 3 ppl out there puking cuz it was a drinkin party too.

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