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pukeing after smokeing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by johnybravo, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. dose this happen to anyone i took a bigger hit then i ussaly do cause i was in a public place then coughed alot then i had to get out of my car because i was going to puke.
  2. Yup, sometimes I'll just rip it way to hard, and I'll just cough my ass off and get nauses. Usually I can control it and not puke, but I have puked once or twice from it. :smoke:
  3. ok im glad it was just cause it hit too hard haha
  4. Oh man this brings me back. I've never thrown up but once i got serious dry heaves from bud and it was still an amazing night. My friend had literally scraped clogs of resin from his dry piece and loaded it just for me since he had already toked. I was high after two hits and blazed after four. Right when i finished up we got in some high grade medical our dealer had got from Colorado. After the first few hits i was extremely baked, but we continued. The second bowl is where things got crazy. We were on my friends porch and looking out into his yard. We started hitting the pipe but with each hit i started feeling sicker and sicker so i held out a few ... but kept smoking and i hit my point. i was destroyed i looked out onto his yard and could see my thoughts. I saw running deers in my mind and it almost appeared like i saw them running through his yard. We moved to his balcony and i stood there for 45 minutes not saying or doing anything but dry heaving every once in a while. Finally my friend convinced me to eat some yogurt with berries and it took me a long time but i decided to and it was delicious and i passed out immediately. Everything at the time felt super quick but apparently i was just standing different places for very long periods of time. It was the night i gained respect for bud.
  5. Cool Story.
    Yea, it happens. Life goes on.
  6. my second time when i smoked a fat joint to the dome i puked. damn i was high (miss those times... )
  7. I've only puked once after smoking..

    It was me and my girlfriend only.. We were smoking and then going to go fuck xD
    So, me being me, took the biggest fucking hit I've ever seen... Cashed an entire 1 gram bowl... 10 seconds later.. BLOAWWW all over the bathtub... I was like "Shit man this sucks" and went to go brush my teeth..

    Come to find out taking a rip that big fucking destroyed me.. I couldn't even move to fuck... Let's just say she felt bad for me and I didn't have to do any work all night ;D
  8. Yeah I've taken massive hits and wanted to throw up after, I've never actually thrown up though

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