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puked after smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by frostycool210, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. this happened to me 2 times. once when i smoked a dub to the face and about an hour later i puked - not that much but still. and again last week when i smoked about 4 grams with about 5 or 6 other people, but i didnt feel like throwing up till my last hit from a bowl when i think some resin went in my mouth and i swallowed it. did i throw up from smoking too much both times? is there a way to prevent from throwing up if this is the case? and has this happened to anyone else or anyone you know?
  2. i dont know how to prevent it man wish i could tell you how.. cus i never have threw up after smoking... but then i again i havnt puked in like 3 -4 years ( i dont drink)
  3. It could be your tolerance, I know I have some first time and newbie tokers throw up after hitting the bong. I personally have never puked from bud but I know plenty of people who have. Honestly my advice is smoke less. If you have a large session with your friends, excuse yourself if you notice you aren't feeling well, I am sure you know a little before hand.
  4. Drink water after your hits and it helps. Also know your limit. Some assholes might give you shit about passing on a hit but at least you wont be feeling like shit.
  5. smoke out the bong,less tar.and eat and drink water before and after if you feel like it :bongin::bongin:

  6. word man.. know your limits
  7. you didn't happen to be drinking in the same night were you?
  8. i have puked two times while i was high...and i have witnessed a friend puke after he got high also. i think it may just be the feeling in your head (kinda like being dizzy or something) that makes you throw up.

    ps im not a doctor, this is my opinion
  9. bro lol the other night we smoked two ounces in a night between 3 people i fuckin puked we used a gravity bong, a pipe, and two water bongs i was fuckin blazed so it was all good shit im high right now but i didnt puke its all good
  10. once time i took a rip and caughed once hard, then the next caugh puke flew out over my friends lap
  11. Chew on a piece of ginger or some mint leaves. Good for nausea and that stank ass cottonmouth breath.
  12. I've almost been to the point of vomiting after smoking sometimes, but not yet. The first time I smoked a bubbler, and same with a bong, I wanted to puke so bad afterwards.
  13. thanks for all the tips and info guys. my friend also said that i just smoked too much and i went over my limit which i think was mostly the problem. but lately ive been smoking every night so im building up my tolerance :)
  14. I've come close to puking. When I started smoking again I got sick off some good middies and a bong. When I was a teenager I had a friend that passed out and went into convulsions off a gravity bong and that kind purple shit that was going around in the early 90's.

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