Public Service Announcment

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  2. I fuckin hate that PSA what a buzzkill.
  3. Okay then.....
  4. Imagine living in this town:

  5. LOLing at that fail PSA cause it's practically that way today.
  6. The dad in the first video kind of looks and sounds like the creepy uncle character in it's always sunny in philadelphia.
  7. I DID learn it from my dad, rofl.
  8. OP's account name looks promising
    Funny PSAs though lmao
  9. I thought it was going to end up being funny like the dad says, "WHO THE FUCK TAUGHT YOU TO SMOKE SHWAG, SON??? I TAUGHT YOU BETTER! WE ONLY SMOKE DANK IN THIS HOUSE!" ... But nope... Buzz kill 
  10. OP, how do you pronounce your name exactly?
  11. man those old PSAs were real buzzkills, atleast the newer ones are funny. favorite would have to be the talking dog, or maybe I'm thinking of a dubbed over one.
    nevermind it was college humor's
  12. ^ aubrey plaza is hilarious.
  13. And extremely attractive.
    I'm seriously going to watch this baked as fuck
  16. haha I was trying to remember who he reminded me of and he's exactly it  :laughing:
  17. LOLing at that fail PSA cause it's practically that way today.

  18. I do adore those quaint television advertisements
  19. "Who taught you how to do this, you shouldn't be smoking schwag.. come try my buds, son".
  20. dick-cums-on-tits
    You can call me dick or tits.

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