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Public Service Announcment

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by finshaggy, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Throw your seeds outside after winter is over.
    Take care of them, OR DON'T.

    When our kids (future generations) run out of weed, they should just be able to go open the garbage bag that they have from fall. Since in the future weed should become A WEED again. And they should be able to just go grab like 6 ditch weed plants for free, without ANYONE giving a shit

    Just get those seeds in some dirt.

    DO IT.
    And germinating them first is even better.
    Planting by sprinkler systems is even BETTER.

    Try things like putting weed seeds in the soil bags at hardware stores...
    If you have a house, your yard. Neighbors yard, RANDOM yards. Little creeks.
    Just get this shit out there again...

    Weed used to RUN THIS SHIT.
    It did whatever it wanted, wherever it wanted. And now we've confined it to tiny grow tents.

    FREE IT!!
  2. OMG this idea is actually pretty funny, what even we all went to our home depot stores, and went to the potting section and put like 10 seeds in each, imagine how many pot plants there would be haha
  3. This was kinda the idea behind

    Man I miss that site. :D
  4. Allow me to reintroduce my self
  5. A plant is a weed when it is a nuisance. Don't do that to cannabis, man. I don't want my kids smoking crap.

    Cannabis is growing EVERYWHERE. You know? Eveywhere there are humans, chances are there are humans taking care of cannabis plants.

    It picked us, and through us is proliferating throughout the entire world, in all sorts of conditions otherwise completely hostile to its development.

    It's a symbiotic relationship. We depend on each other.
  6. Are you a man of wealth and taste?;)

    By rivers and ditchbanks works well.
  7. Plants are meant to grow wild.

    You can have your relationship with a plant in your house, without enslaving the plant away from its own kingdom as a whole.
  8. The seeds are good for migrating birds and wildlife
    The songbird population has been declining since they stopped growing hemp (after WWII)
    The Decline of Eastern Songbirds
  9. Yeah man RIP OG :( That place was the shit.

    Only problem I see with the idea though is it could fuck up a lot of peoples good bud with pollen.

    That shit can go miles. If enough people did this to make it noticeable there would be a whole lot of hermi pollen floating in the air.

    Indoor growers would need some good prefilters and outdoor growers.. good luck.
  10. If you get mad about a plant fucking in nature... In the wild...
    Then you have some kind of crazy psychopathic OCD.

    I don't care if your grow is outside. That's completely your fault.
    And indoor would only get pollen if you had it growin in your front yard and work place.

  11. dude you got GC too. RIU is fucked love you bro have fun!
  12. :wave:

    I actually made an account here first, but they took like a month or 2 to activate it...
    That's why I was steady on RIU :D It was the best place that accepted people right away.

  13. Plants are meant to grow. Creating a "wild" that doesn't include humans was a mistake in language.

    Enslaving how? Kingdom how? As a whole how?
  14. If the weed here had seeds (more than I could tend to) I would put them everywhere haha. Outside government buildings and police stations, in the islands near traffic lights where they plant flowers, just everywhere.
  15. Not a mistake in "language", a mistake in civilization.

    Enslaving how? By choosing when and why it gets to fuck. THAT is enslavement if I ever heard it.

    Kingdom how? The plant kingdom, the planet itself is a kingdom. Allow the plant to thrive in its KINGDOM. Not in your (law enforcements) psychotic system that is planned for it.

    I'm not sure what your asking about as a whole, I'll have to read back after I post this.
  16. "As a whole" meaning, you can go ahead and enlsave that 1 plant (or however many fit), and keep it from fucking in your house.
    But WHY THE FUCK should we ever want to enslave ANY species of ANYTHING (even a plant) away from freedom as a whole?
  17. This guy is just a troll... ignore him.
  18. I didn't really read the op's post but it reminded me of a time when me and my bro would chuck all our seeds from Mexican brick out in my backyard. Long story short once the spring came a plant grew and it ended up getting about 3 feet tall, and it was a female. Free weed I have no problem with that even if it was a really small yield :)
  19. This guy is butt hurt... Find humor in him

  20. I don't even know what to say. We're talking about PLANTS.

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