Psychology, Justice And Politics-Crossing The Rubicon Of Secrecy

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    A treatment direct to the unconscious mind exists, and it has defacto approval from the senior director of a California County Mental Health Department.


    But courts are too politically committed to secrecy to provide justice related to compelling compliance to state health and safety code laws.

    The first act of courts protecting secrecy was in 1998 when the Santa Barbara County Sherrifs Department was allowed to violate subpoena laws and a citizens right to evidence and witness.


    Those records existed and a person that saw them one year before the subpoena, the reason I knew of the records and subpoenaed them, made this Declaration.


    The subpoenaed records would have proven there are near 1500 insanity action missing from the court records here. Those records document there was a mass insanity in 1876 and that documentation is reason for psychology to develop treatment direct to the human unconscious mind.

    A federal lawsuit was filed in 2006 but the US district court of the 9th circuit made a secret revision of court rules depriving plaintiffs of a new magistrate and judge. An entire section titled "Assignments of Magistrates and Judges" was removed from the rules with no note of revision. An act tantamount to secret revision and in violation of the regulations of the Administrative Offices of the US district courts.

    A cognitive infiltrator here, vicious, has stated that the treatment proposed is inconsistent and un professional.
    They will still "tell" me how wrong I am, but that is not proof.

    The infiltration of the government abuses the unconscious mind of people in order to create the ultimate form of secrecy so that treason may be conducted and continue unimpeded. There is some potential for this treatment to expose the unconscious programming creating the secrecy. Accordingly 17 years of efforts to see this treatment made available has only met with injustice and concealing of treason by government and courts or maintenance of the methods of enforcing the secrecy needed for treason.

    There is another aspect.

    Ancient spiritual people, quite dangerous and dark, but masters of the unconscious mind in their own way have been creating mass murderers to unleash on my community to demonstrate how unconscious programming can be abused. We basically know this was done for thousands of years, that's what Halloween is about. This was done to try and compel government, law enforcement, psychology and the courts, or the people to stand for reason and to allow or demand thet the Hippocratic oath be used to protect people by developing methods of working direct with the unconscious mind.

    A Craigslist post of 5/25/2014
    Provides a history of the mass murders here, 22 so far.

    Vicious and yuri, certainly cognitive infiltrators, need to justify "telling" me how inconsistent and unprofessional this proposed treatment is, and that these conditions do NOT warrant psychology working through the difficulties, and they need to do it with proof from psychology.

    They need to do that because I've proven the treatment has a defacto approval, is basically safe, that injustice has blocked the treatments development, and I provide a credible reason for gov and the courts to block it. The maintenance of secrecy used to conduct treason.
    ON EDIT:
    I forgot to mention the Rubicon.  A concept of crossing a corrupted trend or stream leading downward into a pool of less significance.
    We are at that point.  A point where we give up on realizing the significance of secrecy, or that it can be created by artificial means, or manipulation of the unconscious mind.  Of course what is unconscious, is better than secrecy created by conscious imposition of fear or other coercions.
    The other side of the same realization is the potentials for happiness, function and real evolution through sustainability.  We do not evolve if we do not become sustainable.  Without sustainability, pollution causes mutations.  Mutations are the path to extinction.  Evolution takes time, which means sustainability is required to evolve.
    The effort to preserve the vital elements of air and water are prime to sustainability.  We are currently involved with materialistic lifestyles that cause considerable pollution to maintain.  To leave those lifestyles will be seen as a sacrifice.  This is a pattern of addiction controlling us, which must be overcome to cease the inadvertent destruction of vital elements.  Overcoming that appears to us as a sacrifice of our moment to moment enjoyment.
    Therein is where modern people, even normal ones, can benefit from therapy direct to the unconscious mind, in order to change lifestyles more quickly and completely.
    For these reasons the Rubicon of secrecy has two edges, both cut for our interests.  One cuts us off from tyranny using secrecy, the other cuts us off from materialistic instincts that currently control us to degrees that cause anxiety to even consider abandoning.
  2. Here we go again

  3. Can I get directions to the asylum?
  4. Have you attempted to get treatment via the means you are suggesting? Often insane people do not realize there insane.
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    Your comment is irrelevant in light of the evidence provided. Your comment serves to support cognitive infiltration, secrecy, treason and murder. Shame on you.
  6. Just leave already. Nobody wants to read this shit
  7. can we just, like, vote someone off the island
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    You're so all over the place I don't know where to start. Most of this has nothing to do with psychology
    They laid it out for you pretty clear, they're not going to use an experimental procedure suggested by mail from someone with no credibility in the medical or science field.
    I'm sure courts have ruled for secrecy low before 1998. How does 600 arrests lead you to believe there would be 1500 cases?
    Nothing to do with psychology. 0 proof provided. Those documents are not a reason to develop treatment to the unconscious mind; something that we already do and discussed in your last thread. If you're going to quote me, quote it all. Mental medical science in 1876 was rudimentary; criteria, treatment, diagnosis and everything has changed. Nobody in the medical field today would use the term 'insane' academically today.

    I have no doubt the government 'messes' with people's minds. It's not however 'secret programing via the unconscious', the subconscious isn't as mailable or influential as you imply. They do it through subversion of norms, morals, culture and stabilization; it takes several generations. Your reasons are debatable but it's more of a push for a cultural Marxist progressive society that acts similar to a Brave New World.
    Fucking watch it this time. You might learn something, one thing seen clearly here mentioned is how you can bulldoze someone with information and reason yet they will deny it because of ingrained beliefs.
    No dude, you've been pushing a treatment in the medical world with no medical credibility. That is why is has been denied. It's not an injustice and concealation of treason by the government.
    Ancient spiritual people are trying to unleash murders on your community? Please tell me more. How have they (the spirits) been trying to force government, law enforcement and psychology (something relatively new) via a pagan holiday? Tell us more about this secret meaning to Halloween and the unconscious mind.
    Craigslist doesn't prove anything. You haven't proven ANYTHING related to psychology. You haven't provided any reason aside some conspiracy with lost or 'secret' documents. There is no treason. You haven't mentioned one thing relevant to psychology OR the previous discussion we were have. Just more tinfoiled personal pseudo-politics. The burden of proof is yours, ya know, like when you said the brain uses x%, I hit you with about 10 links to articles proving you're wrong. Your own personal letters and correlations have no accountability, not that you know what that is. The burden of proof is yours, another thing you are oblivious to.
    This is not a discussion about psychology but once again about your flawed reasoning.
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    Have you ever tried this treatment on yourself? You do realize you can OD someone on gas, right? That not any nurse or doctor can perform this.
    Also what treatment? All I saw was a reference to N2O
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  11. His comment serves to support nothing more than a clever joke  :laughing:
    Shame on you.
    stop infiltrating brah..
    Rather than OD it would take a minute before you pass out and begin suffocating. You would just get tired from lack of oxygen without the breathless feeling. Gas is the hot new painless suicide method.
    Here is his 'treatment'
  14. I think he has a crush you the 2 of you.. It's obvious you're on his mind.
  15. 1998-99
    Let it go, you'll feel much better.
  16. It's not a joke, he's been doing this passionately for over 10 years. A couple think he's trolling but a couple of us think hes got some legit mental issues and genuinely suggest he seeks help.
  17. I was referring to BRZboy's post as the joke. I have nothing to say about the OP.
    I know, I don't think BRZboy was joking.
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