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Psychological tolerance

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by OGking420, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. I've read on another thread that i can't remember the name of that even after a long ass tolerance break u can't get as high as u used too back when you first started smoking. This is because when u first get high the whole thing is a new and exciting experience but after years of blazing u get used to being high so u know wht to expect and it gets "boring"(getting high can't really get boring but u know wht i mean) like for me personally getting high has become part of my normal routine so the line between being high and sober has become blurry. So this basically means that if ur a stoner who just took a huge break and have no tolerance u still can't get as high as u used too because u have a "Psychological tolerance". Can someone plz prove them wrong cause im currently on a t break and starting to think it's pointless.
  2. Lol "another thread that I can't remember the name" as in the one I posted 30 minutes ago but didn't like the answer. I already commented on what every other member on the forum would say. Take our advice or leave it.

    Believe what you want.

    Honestly I don't give a shit at all about your tolerance and refusal for answers. I'll be over here getting baked as hell off a couple hits. You're either smoking shit or smoking too much at one time. That first time NEVER comes back no matter how hard you try.

    Have fun and good luck!
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  3. Lol not the thread i posted before i remember the name of that one im talking about the thread i was referring to in that post i tried searching it up but couldn't find it so instead of just making a reply and getting one person's opinion i thought i would make a thread and get more opinions cause that's kinda the point of a forum and i didn't ignore ur answer in the other thread i straight up said "thx for the advice" idk y u think im refusing answers im asking a fucking question wht do u think i expect as a reply
  4. You already had a thread. I was the only person that replied because to be quite honest no one gives a shit about a dumb ass question like this.

    This thread was pointless.
  5. The other thread was about a completely different topic so that's why i made a new one and because I can't trust just one person's answer and tbh i know it's kind of a stupid question but idgaf I don't take tolerance breaks so that's y im asking, ppl post stupid shit on this forum all the time that's why we have the chill out zone there's some threads that talk about literally nothing atleast this thread is relevant
  6. To answer your question, YES.

    EVERYTHING in life has a psychological tolerance factor as you described.

    This is where creativity comes in...Combine your mostly mapped experience with something new that you haven't ever done before and bam!!!

    Consider weed to be like a relationship...the honeymoon phase will fade into memory, but what you have left is a tangible mapped space that is like a rocket ship to explore places that you simply wouldn't have dreamed of in that honeymoon "space".
  7. Take a long T break and then when you start again, don't smoke more than once a day. I used to smoke all day and all night and I felt like I couldn't get stoned even dabbing. Then I took a
    2 month T break and now I only smoke about an hour before bed and I get pretty ripped on way less weed.

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