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    Well, mates, I thought I'd hook you up with an online version of two interesting books, which present some good info regarding our own psychedelic experience and knowledge. Both are excellent reads, and I hope that this will be an opportunity for some of you to dwelve some more into this strange, shady area of human psychie.

    DMT - The Spirit Molecule

    The Essential Psychedelic Guide

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    Since most of you know what "DMT - The spirit molecule" is about, here are some parts of the table of contents from the second book, "The Essential Psychedelic Guide", just to see what it is all about.

    LSD - Molecule of Perfection
    Psilocybin Mushrooms - The Extraterrestrial Infiltration of Earth?
    Mescaline: Peyote & San Pedro Cactus - Shamanic Sacraments
    II - Empathogens
    Ecstasy - The Heart Opening Psychedelic
    2C-B - The Erotic Empathogen
    III - Exotic Highs of a Connoisseur
    DMT - Candy for the Mind

    Harmala Alkaloids - Link to the Ancient Spirits
    Ketamine - The Ultimate Psychedelic Journey
    Multiple Combinations - Cosmic Synergism
    Further Explorations - Where do we go from Here?
    DMT ~ Water Spirit - A Magical Link
    Psychedelic Reality - CydelikSpace

  2. I own in hard copy, but thanks man!
  3. I knew you would mate^^
    You're welcome.
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  5. Like Barnkis, I already own most of these in hard copy, but nonetheless great post.
  6. Thnx dude, I'm sure you do, too. :rolleyes:

    I like the notion of this kind of knowledge been spreaded around a bit more. If one of you mates has anything else interesting to share, please do do. ^_^

    Adios :smoking:

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