Psychedelics and social norms........

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  1. Just a thought.

    Do you think that using drugs even if you have only used marijuana has changed the way you view socializing or at least the social norms or rules that people subject themselves to?

    To be honest I am having a hard time coming up with an example, but I also haven't hit my bong yet. I'll be back when I'm high and hopefully have a more fully formed idea.

    but i guess for starters - and I don't know if drugs influence this or not- but I can't stand pointless/bullsit small talk. unless i have a reason for wanting to talk to the person- but than it isn't pointless :devious:

  2. Small talk is less awkward than silence in most cases.

  3. that is true, i take that example back . rather be around chatty people over awkward quiet people
  4. Of course! I've had so many incredible experiences, I can say it's made me a better person through chainging the way I see life and the way people act.

    It's let me be much more open, I used to be very shy.
  5. LSD made me much more open socially, but Cannabis tends to make me shy/introverted often ;/
  6. Oh, ye olde debate,
    Psychedelics open my mind to all the intricate details you usually dont pay mind to with your daily filters on,
    Those things better left unsaid,
    My social relationships now are akward, i question them and than alienate myself, but its all my fault, i just dont view the need, and in most case friends can be distractions,
    im a diy kind 'o guy and thats just me, I have alot of friends who always want to jam for instance but im very particular with who i play music with, and if i know someone cant feel a constant groove when they solo or even lay down rhythm it makes me not want to play with them but i hummor them which makes me feel sometimes i give them false hopes and they want to start a band with me but i know that it would be to much work, ie sitting around learning everything painstakingly slow, and i cant tell someone they arent good enough for me to play music seriously with than i feel like an asshole, but i have high standards and want to controll all the musical material because i cant trust anyone else, Drugs and lsd along with halucinogenics in general opened up my senses to my inner creativity at times and in a way gave me granderous delusions about composing the most elaborate psychadelic metal album ever with flashy solos and elements of funk and fusion, but being all alone on this one has made it difficult and even with a good amount of material therese no venue or practice space or drummer at minimum, im just very particular, and lsd gave me a better understanding of what i wanted, or just needed rather it is still up to me to carry everything out, as well as showing me how much i limit myself as well as the overwhelming factors in society that contribute to limitating factors.
    Lsd is a usefull tool when taken seriously and no moment is wasted.
  7. I can relate Pineal. LSD opened up a whole new layer for abstract creativity for me.

    ever since tripping i like to draw abstract things and i am looking to start up a band. I'm into psychedelic/indie rock kind of music.............. nothing beats good music, i've been obsessed with it way before i ever touched a drug but now i am more open minded to how much personal poetntial i have. a common experience of tripping is realizing "we are all the same" on some level....... although I don't feel that way about materialistic American society ;/

    i also get that feeling that most people are a waste of time, so i just stick with my long time good friends and if i meet any down the line. i'm currently looking for a girlfriend, feel like that would be better than any other kind of friends-- gotta find open minded/hot girl

    tripping is not an experience that should be wasted! i can't trip around people that are just looking to "have fun", not to say that tripping isn't fun- but i take this shit seriously.

    i think psychedelics can make individuals more inner consiousness. at least for me, when i am smoknig a lot of marijuana- i feel like i am living deep in my mind....

    i'm also very analytical. im not selfish, but certain people can be too much and i choose not to be friends with a lot..............

    quantity over quality ! i think many people (more often that don't do psychedelics) like to be friends with many people just so they can up their so called 'social status'

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