Psychedelic Trip?

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  1. I personally don't know what to think of what your about to read but, I think it's weird but I can live with it.
    Like a month ago I was laying in my bed just jamming out to 'Waken Baken' by Wiz Khalifa (I was NOT high) and I closed my eyes and I couldn't open them and when I tired to move my body felt paralyzed, then I noticed I was in the golden cloud space but I was uncomfortable and couldn't enjoy it, it was frightening but after what seemed like a couple of minutes I came out of my trace and returned to reality and thought "I don't know what that was but I don't care".
    *Fast forward a month* ​
    (Still not high, in this situation)​
    I woke up this morning at 4:30 A.M. and I couldn't go back to sleep so I just got on my phone and started going through Youtube,Social media, ETC. Come around 6:30 A.M. I was like I have to get some sleep so I closed my eyes and layed there.. a couple of seconds went by and for some reason I tried to open them but I couldn't./ I then panicked I tried to get up but my body wouldn't let me. My muscles would tingle  where I would try to move at. (Sort of like when your high, but to such an extreme level it's unenjoyable.) Then I "Looked" in my eyes and saw this spinning circle illusion thing in front of a green triangle with holes in it and lights would flash like a strobe light. I was so overwhelmed, it was so like stressful. I would open my eyes for a second but I'd instantly have to close them and join that world. I would get enough strength to sit up eventually but then I'd have to lay down. My body wouldn't let me talk. When I thought it would never end, it finally did and I returned to reality like nothing. I didn't want to tell my story to my parents (Enrolled in community college) so I kept it to myself because they might freak out.
    I don't think this is Marijuana-related, nor am I trying to blame it on it. I've been clean for 3 weeks now so I can get a job. This is fucked up I'm not going to lie, do any of you Blades might know what this is? I'm just looking for suggestions. I've come up with the theory that this might be a dreams that seems like real-life. I've heard of a dreaming thing called W.I.L.D. but I don't know what those are. If you know anything please tell me, I would appreciate it very much. 
    Have a good day  :wave:

  2. Sounds like sleep paralysis. Your body basically shuts down like it's going to sleep, but your mind doesn't. A lot of people have expierienced this, and it seems visual hallucinations are common when this occurs. Some people see demons and shit some people just see shapes etc. some people see nothing. Unless it doesn't wear off within a couple minutes, or starts happening more frequently I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. I suggest you print this post out and bring it to a psychiatrist. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the info! Yeah, I'm not going to worry about it unless what you said, it happens more frequently and such.
  5. Np. Yeah, some people purposely try to achieve what's randomly happening to you. If you get the time, I suggest google searching "Sleep paralysis" and "Lucid Dreaming" while the two aren't necessarily linked, you'll find you'll get info on both no matter what you choose. When this happens to you, it may be possible for you to slip into a lucid dream state more easily than normal. You should do some reading and give it a try. Having a lucid dream sounds like a blast. :bongin:
  6. WILD is a good guess and so is sleep paralysis. The fact that you couldn't move makes me wanna say sleep paralysis as it can cause you to have crazy visions and hallucinations. Most of the time it's pretty frightening. I can't remember what you can do to prevent it i think they say don't sleep laying flat on your back.
  7. SP is scary as hell. its been happening to me since i can recall, and it happens at random times. everytime it happens i force myself to wake up by focusing all my might on moving my jaw. 

  8. Sounds more like SP because your having hallucinations. WILD is wake induced lucid dreaming, and when lucid dreaming your aware your dreaming, you'll be able to control yourself and the dream and you said you have no control. Sounds like your having SP and in your hypnagogia cycle, which will cause you to have the hallucinations and they can often be very scary.
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  10. SP is trippy and can be scary as fuck.. I typically sleep on my stomach but on rare occasion I'll fall asleep on my back and that's the only time it's ever occurred.

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