Psychedelic flashbacks

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  1. i was wondering, are flashbacks proven to be real from using psychedelics?
    i no longer trip very much at all anymore but i use to take alot of acid and 2-CE.

    i havent really seen to much posted about 2-CE and flashbacks but its a very powerful drug, a very small bump of the powder(if snorted) will make you start trippin within 5-10 varies on people and all that noise, the trip last about 12 (also varies on the person) on average.

    but the reason why i ask this question is that i believe i have quite a bit and i wanna know if its just me being stoned or if i'm seeing blurring split second deformities and specks of color for a small amount of time becasue of the doses and 2-ce

  2. I have done a lot of psychedelics (I keep RCs like 2C-E out of that) and I've never experienced flashbacks. Sometimes I remember days when I took somewhat high doses, like my frist 5 gram trip.

    Can't really say that I've fucked around with RCs though
  3. Some say they are false purpetuation by government.
  4. how so?

    It is definitely not flashbacks you are getting, but it does sound like this thing called HPPD. When was the last time you took 2C-E, and how much? It could just be because you are stoned though.

    I've never actually even heard of anybody who has gotten HPPD, but I could see how it could happen with frequent use of something as intense as 2C-E.

  6. the last time i took 2-ce was about an half a year ago, i'm sure exactly how milligrams it was but it was about 1/2 the capsule i got, i also took 3 doses, fun night
  7. Have you had any of these symptoms within the past 6 months? or just recently? If you are just now getting them, I dont think it would be HPPD. Are the specks of color you are seeing when you close your eyes, or when they are unfocused?

    Shit, I have no idea what the split second deformities are coming from. But, I know I get those whenever I am up a few days and get really tired, and the unfocused eyes usually go along with that. Maybe you haven't been getting much sleep, combined with the effects of weed?
  8. dude i fryy all the time n ill get super faded n kan almost szware im having flashbacks and ill tripp pretty hard i kinda like it tho its usually pretty kewl like a free fry or sumtin but they usually only last a lil bit and arent super gnar

  9. This post is disconcerting in every way
  10. sounds like you took a bunch of acid :p

    don't worry man, i'm in the same boat and have lasting effects.. like right now i'm torched and i can look at the floor and it sort of rolls and's all good.. so long as you don't have intense frightening flashbacks you should be fine.

  11. no its been happening a while ago, cant remember exactly when but it has been happening way before the last time i had a 2-ce trip.
    and the colors that i see here and there is some times just flashes of what looks kinda like a faded glow stick trail but stand still. it goes away kinda fast but like stays there for at least 3 seconds.
    the deformities are kinda like what fracturtle is describing

    yea man its alot like that.
  12. There can be flashbacks related to any stressful or traumatic experience. War, car accidents, being raped, or a bad trip on psychadelics.

    It is simply a play on words to scare you out of doing drugs.
  13. szware doe?

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